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    Hi folks, with Cpanel i have the ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) I am seriously thinking about coming back to DA, been a long time mind, i would like to know if there are any plugins for such as csf or similar?
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    user not able to receive any emails

    [Resolved] user not able to receive any emails Hi I have a user not able to receive any emails to any of his accounts, He can send emails from the webmail with no problems, but receiving is just not happening. I know that he changed his domain within his account at 1 stage and now hes changed...
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    Server time jumps forward 1 hour

    Hi folks I seem to have an intermittent problem, now and again the server time jumps forward 1 hour, then resets back to the correct time a little while later. Its currently 9:15pm GMT but the server is showing it as 10:15 PM GMT I aint got a clue how to resolve this, does anyone have any...
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    sub domain help please

    Hi folks I have created a sub domain called When i created this, DA created a sub dir for me called wap in the public_html folder. The problem is the new wap folder does not appear to be working properly Its still showing the default index.html page, yet, i...
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    installing a server wide SSL

    Hi I aint got a clue what i am doing with this, but i need to add a server wide cert Theres 5 ips, most are owned already (was done when server setup) What do i need to do to setup a server wide SSL please?
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    Resetting Ownership on multiple files

    Hi folks I have a downloads folder with about 400 files and apache owns them all I can reset ownership 1 by 1 but this will take days, is there a way to batch this job please, or does anyone know a wayto do it for all the files in 1 shot? The folder is owned by me just not the files :(
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    cron issues with perl script

    Hi I am having issues setting up cron to run a perl script I am using the cron option in DA and not the command line I keep getting V1.00 - 27-Feb-2007 ..unable to open usr/home/*****/domains/ No such file or directory I...
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    blocking ip using htaccess now gives error

    Hi my client has been using htaccess to block ip addys, since the server upgrades he gets, Error 500 internal server error. server now has: mysql 4.x mysql 5.0.45 Apache 2.2.4 php4.4.7 and php5.2.3 The file is attached Yours hopefully, Bashy
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    php4 and 5 installed need advice please

    Hi we are now using the custombuild, using php4 and php5 How do i now set it so my clients can use either or just php5 please? software is: mysql 4.x is EOL compiled and installed mysql 5.0.45 (latest ver). Apache 2.2.4 with php4.4.7 and php5.2.3 installed. Regards Bashy
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    Just upgrade server now i get an error

    Hi I have had the server updated to this: I have AWBS installed and i am now getting these errors: Failed loading /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20020429/ Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20020429/" AWBS said...
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    php4 and php5 together

    Hi I run a small hosting Co. not many clients at all (3 inc myself at present), but i have just had a request from 1 client, hes wanting to upgrade to php5... I need help please as i do not know anything about linux at all From what i have read, 4 and 5 can run along side each other. I take...
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    access system folders

    Hi I have never been able to access my system folders such as /var /www /usr and so on Can this not be done using FTP? If it can how do i enable this? I think im on about accessing the server root? Basically i want to add some skins to the roundcube but cannot access these folders
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    Backup problem

    Hi everytime i try to run a backup of a reseller account (has about 10 accounts under him) I get this error Lookin at the backup, it appears to have backed up something, looking at the size, backup is complete. But what about the erro, what does it mean, what is it missing (if anything) from...
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    phpsuexec and DA

    Hi Can DA run ok with phpsuexec please? Regards Bashy
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    memory low

    Hi My memory always appears to be very low, is this to be concerned about? Server: Vendor ID AuthenticAMD Processor Speed (MHz) 1742.96 Total Memory 1003.41 MB Free Memory 39.8945 MB Total Swap Memory 2097152 kB Free Swap Memory 2028852 kB System Uptime 15 Days, 9 Hours and 52 Minutes...