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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Just got a similar warning-message: Latest version of Exim: Installed version of Exim: s-nail: Warning: $LOGNAME (admin) not identical to user (root)! s-nail: Warning: $USER (admin) not identical to user (root)! Latest version of s-nail: 14.9.16 Installed version of s-nail...
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    Opinion of a huge hosting provider

    So I guess a 'CTRL-Z' back to the former CPanel-setup is out of order at this point then? ;) As for the account creation, I'm sure you're able to enable the debug-mode and see what's holding everything up. Does the same happen on a fresh test-server with only say, 1, 10 or 100 installed...
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    Website is slow as before after migrated to a VPS

    Why do you presume your website is good and the 'servers' are slow? If GoDaddy only had slow servers I doubt they would have much customers after a while. Check your own site first. Plenty of tools available for that online to find out what exactly is slowing everything down.
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    WordPress Toolkit in DirectAdmin

    I would be in for this as well.
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    Update order

    If there any many updates, I personally try to do small batches of updated at once, and check if everything still works in between. And of course make sure there's a good backup to fall back on if all might be Fubarred...
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    Update order

    I wonder if it matters much. but in case of other updates; I recall having asked this too before and I believe if you do ./build update_versions then CB will know what to update in what order. So; ./build clean ./build update (Optional to check what updates are available): ./build versions...
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    Need help, all outbound TCP packets blocked after yum update

    I would start by checking the logs and look for errors. Did you do ./build update first, and then ./build update_versions?
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    Help Link on forum

    I mentioned this some 4 years ago too. Should be easier to incorporate now with the new forum I guess. DA, and more, it's users would benefit greatly from more integration.
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    How much data transfer is this then

    It says right there in the screenshot just below your arrow: "Bandwidth (MB)"
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    DirectAdmin the feature ? (Genuine feedback no bashing)

    Having to rely on plugins to keep a product like DA 'uptodate' with the rest of the market is not smart. Plugins can be (and are) abandoned by makers, leaving people who use these in the dark or with heavily outdated, or incompatible versions in newer versions of DA. For instance, why isn't...
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    Which control panel do you prefer? cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc...

    Started out years ago with CPanel as a Reseller, like the way it worked. Then got switched over to Plesk. What an annoying POS that was at the time. Switched my sites over to another host which had DirectAdmin. Worked fairly nice as well, although not as well laid out as CPanel. Then I got my...
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    New Directadmin forum

    Refreshing! vBulletin had become bloatware imo.
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    Force SSL redirect - not working

    I still have some domains running under http. Want to auto-redirect these to https. So; -Got functional LE-certificates for them, -Private to public alias, -Force SSL redirect : On https version works, but when the site is visited with http, it still loads the http-version. The redirect...
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    FeatReq: .build allupdates -> Build updates only?

    (Unless it already exists, or these is a reason not to) I'd like like to see an option to build just everything that needs to be updated, and not everything. Currently when I few items need updating, I manually enter those commands with .build xxxxx, until everything is updated again. I know...
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    LetsEncrypt with remote A-records

    I have a domainname running on my VPS where the A-records have been changed and its www-files are hosted on another server. The domain had a LetsEncrypt certificate active for awhile, but now after the A-record change, the LE-cert will not renew because the .wellknown-challenge is not found...