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    Wierd Email Problem

    Little background first. My DA machine was dying. We could not figure out why, DNS would stop, Mysql flat out quit and nothing brought it back, system would just die, etc. Ok, finally yesterday I had enough. I had my hosting company get me a new larger drive, and install the latest...
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    Question on Mailing Lists

    I am trying to setup a mailing list on a website. I only want the ability to send an email to the list from one address. And that would be posted from a form in the members area of the site. I assume I fill something in the restrict post box on the modify list form but what ? is it the email...
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    Webalizer / Cron not running ?

    My Webalizer stats have not updated since the 19th of this month. I checked the cron, stopped and restarted the daemon, then next day restarted entire machine, webstats still are not updating ?? any ideas where I should look next. thanks, Bill:confused:
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    email filters

    I have placed close to 100 email filters on my primary domain. But they do not seem to work, I am getting just as much spam as I ever did and with the stuff that is supposed to be filtered ! after I enter the filters, is ther anything I need to do like restart the server or something ? any...
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    Does DA have a Memory Leak problem ?

    I have a redhat 9 machine with 1 gig of ram and 145 sites. the server is not busy, but I notice that almost all available ram is gone. I reboot the machine and within a day I am down to less than 15% or so of available ram free. I would think that with 1 gig of ram on the server, it should...
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    erro too many smtp processes

    seems when ever I or my users try to send, we get the error that the server cannot send the email due to too many smtp processes running concurently. is there a way to increase the max number of processes it can do ? or how can I fix this. Bill
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    CGI not working

    Hi new to this system, but have setup close to 100 accounts on new server so far. CGI is authorized for each, but it does not work on any site. permissions are correct at 755 cgi is authorized, so I am at a loss.. also is ther a way to create htaccess files from within directadmin ? Bill