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    Fedora Core 5?

    Will DA work with Fedora Core 5?
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    Cannot send e-mail to another server using same domain for hostname

    Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't think of what to search for. I have 17 servers. All are named after a particular domain name, with only the hostname different. Now, It seems I cannot mail from my DA servers to my other servers. I had this problem...
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    Change Reseller Username

    I have a reseller who asked if his login name can be changed. I've looked around and can't seem to find if this is possible and if it is how?
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    Using cpan?

    Is it safe to use cpan with DA?
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    Change Resellers E-mail Address

    I've got a reseller who would like his e-mail address changed however I can't find where to change it. :confused:
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    Turning Register Globals on for one site

    I know this is possible but I always forget how. Am I on the right track? I need to create a file with the following in it and place it somewhere (but where and what do I call it?) php_flag register_globals on I don't want them on server wide just for one site. Thanks!
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    domain literals not allowed

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I wasn't sure where to put it. I'm using my DA server as a 2nd mail server for my main domain (doesn't reside on DA server) Mail server is working but when checking at it's saying "domain literals not allowed" Now I know in cpanel how to...
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    re-compile apache

    Is it safe?
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    Is it safe to use up2date with DA? And if so are there certain things you shouldn't update with it? I know with Ensim theres quite a few things you can't. So before I do I thought I'd ask.
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    Php 4.3.1

    Okay so I lied my last question wasn't the last one. :o Is DA compatible with php 4.3.1?
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    Couple more questions

    I'm used to Ensim & cPanel and things have to be installed specifically for those cp's or things break. I like to have a firewall installed and on my other servers have installed APF will this break anything? And what ports do I need to have open for everything to work? Then I usually like...
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    FTP & mySQL

    Well you guys solved the nameserver issue and the quota's issue rather quickly I might add, so I've got another stumper for you. I've created a user named bonnmac with the domain of but I can't ftp into server. I'm getting connection refused. (oh yea and it didn't email me...
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    Server Name & Initial NameServers

    I keep trying to change the hostname and the initial nameservers in admin settings but they won't change. :( My main domain has my nameservers & Server was setup using and &
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    Theres a typo

    Theres a typo in the poweruser skin. In the reseller cp. Mananage User Packages (should be Manage User Packages) :) Sorry but I had to point that out.
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    Install SSL Certificate

    I might just be overlooking it. But how do I install a serverwide SSL Certificate? I want all my resellers/users to be able to use it. (shared ssl) Thanks.