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    Installation of imap_xxx in php

    I have an application that needs Imap in php enabled. I think it is not enabled in the default version of PHP. How do I enable it?
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    Webablizer with Country

    Anyone know what to change so that Webablizer display the countries of where the hits come from?
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    Where to buy Direct Admin Skins

    Anyone know where to buy Direct Admin skins? Looking for reputable vendors. To me DA is fantastic just that the look isn't too appealing. Also I do need skins for email only etc.
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    What to Update?

    After the roundcube shock, I was wondering what software should we routinely upgrade? Also will such upgrades for eg PHP safe such that existing applications will not break and cause inconvenience for users?
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    Change of PHP.INI

    A client asked me to change my default DA php.ini setting to php_value max_execution_time 500 php_value max_input_time 500 php_value mysql.connect_timeout 240 php_value memory_limit 124M Is the above values reasonable? He said he need it for Joomla. I cant figure why?
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    Disable Temp Url

    How do I disable temp url for eg for some users and enable for the rest? Any faster way rather than do so manually?
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    How to Disable Bounce Back Emails

    My Direct Admin servers are only for web. Email servers are separated. Hence I need only to send form to email from this server. But I notice a lot of bounce back emails in the queue. Is there anyway to disable this such that the server only send out emails but not received any such bounces?
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    Best Practices for Safe Mode and Open Base Dir

    Just wonder did you enable Safe Mode and Open Base Dir by default or leave them off?
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    Plesk to DA Migration

    I have seen that Cpanel had a Plesk to Cpanel Migration. Wonder when will there be one for DA? Would really love to migrate my Plesk so that I will have only DA to take care of.
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    Migration of DA Server

    I need to migrate my DA server from one datacenter to another. This involves IP changes. I can change the IPs of the server, no issue, but my main question what do I do in the Directadmin? Which parts do I access to change the IPs? Any other things i need to take note?
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    Installing a new DA Web Server

    Hi I am installing a new Directadmin Server only for Web. DNS and Email are external servers. So in this case, which services should I stop? And also how do I stop so that it will remain stopped when I reboot?
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    Webalizer Stopped working for Some Domains

    I found that a few of my domains Webalizer stopped working since Jan, but the rest are working. How do I enable the Webalizer for the domains that stopped?
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    What are the versions installed

    For eg if I install DA now what will be the versions of say MySQL Php etc? Where can I find out this info?
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    Fedora Core 5

    For Fedora Core 5, what is the options I need to install before I install directadmin?
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    MySQL 5 and PHP 5 in Directadmin

    Anyone knows how do I configure DA such that it has MySQL 5 and PHP 5 using customapache?