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    webalizer does dns lookup but it keeps running?

    Hi there, I configured webalizer to resolve dns (with the DB program). But now webalizer keeps running (from the tally at midnigth). Is it possible that the 1st time it has to run a very long time? And is there a way to look wat it is doeing? Tnx.
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    Domain administration for a user at a reseller

    Hi, I don't allow my clients to add or remove domains from there account. I just toke it out of the skin. But when a user want's an extra domain at it's account I now have to change the skin of the user so the function come's back. Add the domain and finaly set the standard skin back for the...
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    DA spamas. conf tool and Anti Virus

    Hi there, We used to have the mailscanner, clamav and spamassassin (server) configuration. With this configuration we could only adjust the spamassassin for the entire server. Now, we have moved our DA to another (better) server and we have only spamassassin installed. Now we can, trough the...
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    spamassassin together with virtual domain prefs

    helo, We have a DA server running with SpamAssassin 2.64. The first question is do we need to upgrade or are virtual domain prefs also possible with this version? Else, we tried to upgrade but it give's this error [root@oslo Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.2]# perl Makefile.PL What email address or URL...
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    recieve several times the same e-mail

    Hi there, One of our clients has the problem that the recieve 1 e-mail serveral times (like 20 time's). And not only from outside but also if the forward a message from 1 of there on e-mail adresses on our server to another. (same domain). Does anybody knows what this could be? B. van Velzen...
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    move spam/virus mails to different folder

    We use directadmin together with exim and spamassassin. Instead of sending the spam and virus mails tagged to the inbox of a user we want to send it to a different folder in the IMAP account. This wil keep the infected (or tagged) e-mails out of the computer of a user so it wil not be very...
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    Advanced Spam/virus filter

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to get all infected (spam/antivirus) mail in a quarantaine box and when a user recieve's his first infected mail that he get a mail in his mailbox with a URL. That URL goes to some kind of webmail package where he can look at al his infected e-mail. This way a...
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    mkdir function create's apache owner dir's

    hello, when a user of us tries to make a directory with the mkdir function in php it wil create it as user apache and not as the user itself. This causes the problem that our user cannot delete the folder. Greetings,
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    standard formmail.cgi

    I say at another hosting provider that they don't support own made mail scripts because of the security. But that they did make there own script that can only be called by a page on there server. Maybe a nice feature or a nice script for someone te make when he has nothing to do :-D, because I...
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    multi domains including multi hosting

    We have a little problem with our hosting. The function that 1 user can have many domains is a good one. But our problem is. When a user want's for example 2 domains that we cannot add 1 hosting package to each domain. This means that now our clients have multi domains that make use of 1...
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    IMAP 30 sec. slow probably because of identd

    Hello, Our IMAP server (is a DA Server) is nonactive for 30 sec. After the 30 sec. it check's very quick. And that is on every account. Now a friend of my said that it is because it's doing idend lookups. Is this true and how can I switch it off? Greetings
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    User statistics

    Hello, We do our own hosting with a RH9 machine and DA as the control panel. Now we have some customer's and 1 of them has a site hosted at our place with a lot of visitors. Now the customer was almost going to exceed her 1 gig limit. But it is now reset by DA. What is the deal with resetting...
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    Is this mem usage normal?

    Processor Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz Vendor ID GenuineIntel Processor Speed (MHz) 2402.006 Total Memory 511924 kB Free Memory 4184 kB Total Swap Memory 771080 kB Free Swap Memory 761556 kB System Uptime 74 Days, 16 Hours and 45 Minutes The total Free Memory is the entire...
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    Safe mode warnings just sometimes?

    We use Gallery for some of our costumers and when we access a site like that: and when we refresse's a few times, it give's a error like this: Warning: putenv(): Safe Mode warning: Cannot set environment variable 'LANG' - it's not in the allowed list in...
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    BUG -> Server stats

    Maybe a minor glitch but at the admin pannel, at the Complete Usage Statistics, it says: # of SubDomans, I think it should be # of SubDomains.