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    URGENT, urgent help needed restoring mysqld server to version 4.3!

    After migration, the mysqld server is not running properly. We need version 4.3 Can somebody helpus out?
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    Howto install p3p

    Hi, Does anyone have a tutorial how to install p3p into apache? I searched the forum, but nothing found. thanks.
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    Strange email

    Hi, Since a day or 2 we receive each night an email with only a / in the body. The sender is / . Does anyone know where this comes from? We checked, but nothing found yet.
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    IMAPD error in messages log

    Hi, Recently i discovered some errors in the /var/log/messages log. Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 kernel: 4gb seg fixup, process imapd (pid 19176), cs:ip 73:00174760 Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 last message repeated 9 times Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 xinetd[3253]: EXIT: imap status=0 pid=19176...
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    I installed the master2slave script, and change anameserver IP's the error given by DNSSTUFF.COM is that we have LAME nameservers. What am i doing wrong?
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    Domain not resolving

    Hello, Our main domain (nameserver) does not resolve for a minute and is then back again. This happens a few times a day. So it is working normal and suddenly it is gone for a minute and comes back up. At first i thougt a DNS problem at my providers side, but now i hear more customers their...
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    Masses of spam

    Hi, Since last 2 days (and have to tell: it starts AFTER a update of DA) our servers are overloaded with spam, bouncemails, not deliverd mail. The amount was not that high ever. Does anyone know what causes this? I hear a lot of people who have the same problem. All since last 2 days.
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    compiling SNMP into PHP

    Hi, I wonder how it is possible to compile SNMP into php. I receive errors if i do: --with-snmp=shared,/usr/include/ucd-snmp --enable-ucd-snmp-hack (found on this forum) I installed all libs via Yum. OS is FC4 Anyone?
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    Apache problem?

    Hi, In the error_log i see following messages: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/httpd: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x092e8670 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib/[0x2931e0] /lib/[0x29372b] /usr/lib/apache/[0xb7b55b88]...
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    kernel: printk: 1 messages suppressed

    Hi, Does anyone know what causes this error? This is in the logs: And so on. Today the server did not accept connections anymore for a little while. Then it came up again. What can this be and how to handle?
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    Adding space to a domain which is only in DNS

    Hi, How can we add an account to a domain which is allready in DNS. The domain is allready in DNS because it is used for the nameservers for the other domains on that server. Now we want put a website on that domain, but we cannot recreate it because of the namserver function. How can we do this?
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    MySQL Joins no permission

    Hi, One of our customers complains about not having access to the LEFT JOIN command in MySQL. He has no permissions. I have not an complete error, but does anyone knows something about this and how to correct it?
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    Curl error

    Hi, Installatron gives me this error: Error: CURL out of date. The CURL binary Installatron found (/usr/local/bin/curl) is either not working or out of date. Please re-compile or re-install CURL. What is the best way in DA to upgrade curl?
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    Mailinglist problem

    Hi, Suddenly we have a problem with sending emails to a mailinglist. The error we receive is: pipe to |/etc/virtual/majordomo/wrapper resend -C /etc/virtual/ -l listname -h -f owner-list generated by
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    how to install libIconv

    Hi all, What is the best method to install libIconv in combination with DA?