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    Import/Export list of E-mail Accounts

    Sometimes we have the need to migrate manually e-mails from different server types and we need to use IMAP sync. In order to create the accounts we usually import a CSV file. I think it would be useful to have a way to import/export e-mail accounts using CSV (and maybe XML & JSON?).
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    Suggestion - Change Sending Limit Mail Template

    When a user hits the daily mail sending limit he gets an e-mail like this: I think you should change the e-mail "template", as it really seems like a Spam message. Also, it would be great if we could translate and customize the message (Globally and Reseller)...
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    Option to Disallow Domain Rename

    It would be great if you could implement an option to disallow Domain Rename by Customers.
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    Reseller - Limit User Accounts

    I see that Resellers can only be limited by number of domains, sub-domains, etc, but not by number of users/customers. It would be great to be able to limit the number of Users by Reseller.
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    E-mail Filters

    One of the features i see DirectAdmin is missing are e-mail filters. It would be great if we can identify e-mails and do specific actions, for example, parse them using a script (not all e-mails, but filtered ones). Also, i see that you have "Auto-Responders" and "Vacation Messages". Aren't...