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    OLS stops listening to IPv6 after some time

    Hello, OLS just stops listening to IPv6 after some time. When I restart it, it's fine again but after a day or so IPv6 on 80 and 443 isn't accessible again. Any advice on how I can diagnose this? What log should I look into? Thank you.
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    Cannot get HSTS to work with OpenLitespeed

    Anyone know how to make HSTS work with OpenLitespeed globally? I tried older guides from this forum and but cannot seem to make it work. Would be great if someone could help me/point me to the right direction.
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    TLSA Records

    Hello, How do I add TLSA records to my domain names? I did this but don't know how to proceed on adding TLSA Records. I do no see anything new when adding NS records. I hope someone can help me here. Thank you.
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    2nd IPV6 Nameserver Not Responding

    My 2nd IPV6 nameserver is not responding according to the following report. According to the report, it does not have a serial number like the other IP4/IP6 addresses listed as my nameservers. Anyone who can help me fix this? Any help would be...
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    How to use my shared signed SSL certificate for services (mail, ftp)

    Hello, So I recently bought a wildcard certificate and had no trouble installing it as a shared SSL certificate for my server and for the domain name I bought it for. However, I am stumped as to how to use the same certificate for services (exim, proftpd, exim, etc.). I didn't have difficulty...