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    Different php versions on different directories of same domain? Is it possible?

    So we only need to put this to .htaccess file? An option inside directadmin would be much easier for clients who wants to use different PHP version on add-on domains with CloudLinux. <FilesMatch "\.(php4|php5|php3|php2|php|phtml)$"> SetHandler application/x-lsphp71 </FilesMatch>
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    New documentation

    I can't access it from Turkey. Also, it might be DNS issue. Because Google DNS can't resolve domain name.
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    New documentation

    Can't access to new docs page. Did you changed URL?
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    DirectAdmin goes down time to time after update

    Only directadmin daemon using "systemctl restart directadmin" command. When it was happened first time, I was thinking it was coincidence. Now it happened again today, so I suspect. If it's happen again, I will update this post.
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    DirectAdmin goes down time to time after update

    uptimerobot is sending me alert. so alerts are not about directadmin. when sites down, it sends alert to let me know. so check server for to see what's wrong. everything was seeming UP. Sites won't back online until I restart directadmin via command-line "systemctl restart directadmin". on...
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    DirectAdmin goes down time to time after update

    Which error log file should I check? I can check and let you know.
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    DirectAdmin goes down time to time after update

    Hello, I'm wondering is it just me or others having this issue too after new updates. It started last week. I got message about all sites down. I checked directadmin and all services. It was all UP. I restarted MySQL, didn't fixed the problem. I restarted Litespeed, didn't fixed the problem. I...
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    CSF Messenger with reCAPTCHA doesn't work with DirectAdmin. Any fix ideas?

    Hello, CSF Messenger with reCAPTCHA doesn't work with DA server. I tried Unblock CSF module with WHMCS, and it didn't work too. Is it just me or everyone have same issue? It seems it's impossible to unblock IP's with recaptha or script. Because it cannot access to DA server. EDIT: After...
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    How to remove or disable existing default email addresses from accounts?

    Hello, I converted cPanel server to DirectAdmin. But all accounts are created with default e-mail which i cannot remove from system. I see that some websites are sending spam mail through their WordPress installations out of control. How can I disable all of that default mail addresses and...
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    Is it safe to edit user_txt.html too change plugin name in menu?

    Is it safe to edit user_txt.html too change plugin name in menu? I wanted to translate some plugin names like "Resource Usage" or "LVE Manager" in user menu's. I did that by editing user_txt.html file. Is it safe or is there a better way to do?
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    Modify/Change Package of Multiple Accounts in DirectAdmin

    Hi, It would be useful to have "Modify Upgrade Multiple Accounts" option in DirectAdmin. I converted my server from cPanel to DirectAdmin. Now I created new packages for users. But I need to apply them one by one. If there was an option to upgrade/downgrade packages of users, it would be very...
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    Max Quota per Email Address in DirectAdmin?

    I used to set max quota per email address to my clients with cPanel. So that can prevent abusing mailbox quota. I see that DirectAdmin doesn't have an option for that. Is there a way to do that? Or is there any plans to add this as a new feature?
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    How to install ioncube for PHP 7

    I did upgrade my PHP version 7. But i can't able to activate ioncube. Ioncube says that they are supporting PHP 7 now. But I don't know how to install it. I tried custom build, but it doesn't work. Could someone explain to me how to install ioncube for PHP 7?