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    Email Filters and Global Email filters

    Tried Sieve, work as intended without problems. But still I would like one day to see exim level filtering. Migrating accounts having filters already is an issue.
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    User and Global Mail filters

    I usually when transfer accounts from cPanel I see if the page is loading fine (php/mysql/and so on). After transferring a few accounts I got complaints about filters not working. Digging around (I didn't knew it) I found out that there is no filtering option in DirectAdmin! Users might...
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    Email Filters and Global Email filters

    Where do I sign up for feature request? 😅
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    Email Filters and Global Email filters

    For the record cpanel does it in exim, creating files for every domain (global filters) and for every inbox (user filters) like that: # pwd /home/user/etc/domain.tld/chris [root@earth chris]# cat filter # Exim filter - auto-generated by cPanel. # # Do not manually edit this file; instead...
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    Email Filters and Global Email filters

    Thank you Alex. But it's not about "me" or how we gonna do it for us (I will take a look personally), but the existing customers (were they are hosted in cpanel now). They used a specific way, and either there is a menu or not, what will happen to existing filters that already exists if I...
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    Email Filters and Global Email filters

    We have several users (cPanel users) that use both "Email Filters" and "Global Email Filters" to filter mail before their inboxes to folders or to forward / deny them. DirectAdmin has a similar functionality but for Spam only. (Dashboard >E-mail Filters)...
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    MySQL 8.0 and Softaculous

    On a fresh install with MysQL 8.0 everything seems to work OK. I can create db users, log in to phpMyAdmin and so on. But when I installed Softaculous it couldn't (as a user) create db users and got an error message. Solved when I entered in my.cnf...
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    phpMyAdmin blank page redirect when enable SSO

    Tried to enable SSO using this: cd /usr/local/directadmin/ ./directadmin set one_click_pma_login 1 service directadmin restart cd custombuild ./build update ./build phpmyadmin service directadmin restart And from Admin or User interface when I click to phpMyAdmin I get a blank page at...
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    Backup skip files, keep everything else but as a second backup

    I am sorry, didn't explained it good enough + I messed up. I thought user backups don't have multiple profiles. I was wrong, they do. So I got a full backup remotely and need a local "empty" backup. Structure only. But I don't see them in "Restore" section and I thought I did something wrong.
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    MySQL and net-snmp

    We use net-snmp for our servers. Just noticed a "bug" (not really a bug but it can be avoided). I installed MySQL 8.0 on one server with CentOS 8. After that I tried to install net-snmp. If fails because it needs mariadb connector. But mariadb* is inside yum.conf excluded. Maybe the...
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    Backup skip files, keep everything else but as a second backup

    I use the system-backup to create everyday full backups of all users. But from what I understand I cannot create multiple profiles. (One full to x destination, one structure/db only at y destination and so on) I also need (for psychological reasons) a full backup without the home dir. Just...
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    Icons Grid on Mobile ?

    Seems when I log in from a mobile and I see the Icons Grid normally like that (as a user):*******/Tgo6hyumAu1WUEqq7 When I click anywhere and go back to home I see this:*******/Ls514h6XybBFEP7P6 And can't navigate back to icons. Tried to record it, not...
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    DirectAdmin for "spoiled" WHM admins

    Well, this is a bit embarrassing but I'll give it a try. When dealing with the same software since 2003 (or 04 I am not sure) and some features are just hard-wired in your brain, it's difficult to find a new solution. It's like trying to quit smoking or something. So I made a list to ask a...