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    Directadmin multiserver, how to retire the slave

    So I am trying to automate the removal of the slaved zones using the multiserver feature. I have tried the following. Unticking the zone transfer box on the master. Disabling Multi server on the master. Deleting the external server on the master. All 3 scenarios leave the domains dormant on...
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    Obsolete ciphers on directadmin binaries

    John, please as soon as possible do a new version of directadmin enabling modern ciphers. Only a handful of TLS 1.0 ciphers are working, and since various browsers block DHE ciphers now, it means many modern browsers have no PFS when connecting to directadmin. This has only been confirmed on...
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    backscatter spam - missing headers

    Ok I have an unusual case of what looks some weird type of backscatter spam. Initially noticed massive exim queue over 50k emails on a server so investigated. Initially I had nothing to go on, all I could see in the queue was outbound emails been blocked by hotmail because sent to accounts...
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    custombuild freebsd problems building exim

    ok so using custombuild 1.2 to build exim on freebsd6 32bit. had same problem also on freebsd7 32bit. compile stopped here. ar cq pdkim.a ranlib pdkim.a ar cq pdkim.a ranlib: 'pdkim.a': No such file *** Error code 1 1 error *** Error code 2 ranlib pdkim.a 1 error *** Error code 2 1 error -e...
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    corrupt links on user level on DA gui

    same problem as this thread. Unfortenatly it got closed and fix wasnt made public. under email management I have 4 links like this. \n"; } } ?> Webmail: UebiMiau \n"; } } ?> Webmail: Roundcube \n"; } } ?> Webmail: Atmail \n"; } } ?> MX...
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    mail bouncing instead of rejecting

    Its becoming more apparent in my recent experience that the current exim.conf template used by directadmin (accept and scan) needs modifying to update to todays climate. In the past bouncing emails in situations when a mail box is full or if the account doesnt exist was fine but now it isnt and...
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    new problem

    BUILDSCRIPT_VER=1.1.5 on a freebsd server with php 5 cli, no suphp, apache 2.2. New installation written no php handlers into httpd config files I had to do manually.
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    problem on new install

    using the DA install script I touched the file to make it use custombuild and installation failed. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/httpd-2.2.4/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=link gcc -g -O2 -L/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/httpd-2.2.4/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/lib -L/usr/lib -o...
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    httpd.conf been rewritten

    I mentioned in another thread about not wanting httpd.conf to be rewritten, on a server I recently noticed the httpd.conf appears to have reverted to a default config and as a result no longer had a include line to mod security configuration amongst some other changes that had been made. I have...
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    spamblocker checking sender ip addresses

    We have had an issue where a user's isp has their entire range blacklisted, he is logging into the smtp server to send an email and spamblocker is blocking the email because his ip is on a blacklist. The issue I see here is the sender isnt a smtp server he is simply logging into the smtp server...
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    dovecot/maildir and thunderbird problem

    On one server after running the conversion script something breaks in thunderbird. Normally in thunderbird when a imap account is setup the deleted emails are moved to a deleted folder and are not actually deleted, since converting emails to maildir the emails simply vanish but remain there...
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    dovecot 1.0 rc11 is out

    released. I get an error compiling this on freebsd.
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    mysql 4.0.21 released

    mysql 4.1.21 released for those who need to know.
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    sender verification

    the 1.2 config older version had this enabled, but the 2.0 config now comments it out with no reason given. Is this the new exim default or the change was made because of some problems people had? If so what problems has it caused thanks.
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    eaccelerator 0.9.5-b1

    support for php5 in this version. encoder isnt supported yet.