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    Odd issue: After a few hours uptime, can only access http

    I'm having a weird issue. After my server is rebooted, I can access ssh, ftp, directadmin, etc. But a while after the reboot, I will be unable to access anything but http sites. Directadmin stays at waiting for ... in the web browser, ftp times out when trying to authenticate but gets a response...
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    unable to backup via ftp

    The backup feature in the control panel works fine for local, but when I turn on the ftp option to backup to my pc automaticly, it does nothing and the log is just Subject: Your backups are now ready 02/18/2005 Performing sanity checks: Completed Checking load average: Completed Checking free...
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    Apache 2 problems

    I ran the build script for apache 2, but now a bunch of sites dont work and I get [Sat Nov 13 15:11:30 2004] [error] VirtualHost -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results [Sat Nov 13 15:11:30 2004] [error]...
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    help me I screwed it up

    I gave up for now on getting my cert to work but forgot to backup my httpd.conf before reinstalling apache. Now it lost all my users. I added include /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/admin/httpd.conf -etc- at the bottom of my conf, but now it is giving me a million lines of [Mon Oct 25...
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    server cert

    I bought a cert for my server's main name and replaced the key and cert in the apache directory, but it keeps giving me an error loading key. Any idea what it could be? Permissions? And also is there any way to regen the cert for apache (self signed one) if I end up giving up? lol thanks
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    Fake redhat exploit warning circulating Just a heads up :)
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    unable to upgrade

    I hit the update button in da and got this error:
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    two questions

    Im trying to use as a slave zone. Do I have to set up anything in my named config or will it let them transfer without any keys or whatever? also, is there a way to have named read from a certain file in ADDITION to the main zone file? I want to set up a sort of dynamic dns using...
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    ssl not working right

    I set up ssl, directadmin uses it fine, but when I crated a self generated key as a user and set it, the https:// for my domain shows the apache you have successfully set up ssl page, not whats in my private_html dir.
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    External DNS

    I run an irc network and want to keep my dns seperate on one of my domains, but keep the site on the da box. If I just added a dns entry for *.domain.tld to point to the ip and set the mx records in the external dns, and just let da write the zone files without them being used, would that work...
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    up2date kernel

    Hi, I am wondering if its safe to update the kernel using up2date or if I should do it some other way. Im currently running RH 8 and kernel 2.4.20-20.8
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    Message all users e-mail

    Hi, I think a good, quick, and easy thing that should be added is an option to have directadmin make an e-mail account for "support" @ reseller'sdomain.tld and send messages sent to all users using that and smnp. I ask this, because currently it sends from the reseller's account set e-mail, and...
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    Cant login

    I dont know why but today I cant get into directadmin no can any of the people I host. If the pass is incorrect it tells me, if its not it just goes back to the login screen. I tried restarting it, no luck. errortaskq.log 2004:05:27-02:16:01: Running: Error Opening /proc/8683/status...
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    Proftpd died, wont restart

    Hi, I went to restart proftpd as it had died, and it says "ok" but doesnt acually start it. [root@box proftpd]# service proftpd status proftpd dead but subsys locked Im running ProFTPD Version 1.2.9
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    change box ip

    My dedicated host e-mailed me a new ip range, router, etc. What file do I edit in order to change the main box ip that direct admin sees?