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    Restarting Exim also restart spamd?

    I added some rule files to spamassassin and went to restart it but it seems there is no service file for it because all I get is "unrecognized service" when I issue /sbin/service spamd restart (or spamassassin restart). going to the binary does not seem to have that ability either. So either I...
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    PostgreSQL Help

    Howdy, I installed postgresql using RPMs on CentOS 4.3 I followed this how to I can not connect to it with apache/php using the code in the how to. I get the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_connect() in...
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    proper way to run mysql_fix_privilege_tables.sql

    What is the proper way to run this command? Give an exact example please. I am having problems getting this to run for some reason. It throws a bunch of errors depending on which one I run. phpMyadmin still tels me I need to run it. I read to run it then restart mysql then run it again, makes...
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    Upgrading to MySQL V5

    Other than changing the name of the rpm files as it is a different version now will this code still work to update from 4.1 to 5.0? I am running CentOS 4.3, PHP5.1, Apache 2.2. #!/bin/sh service mysql stop cd $HOME echo -e "\n\n\033[1;37mUpgrade to what version? 5.0.15\033[0m" read...
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    PHP 5.1 and Apache 1.3.x

    Anyone here running PHP 5.1.x and Apache 1.3.x? I have a client that needs PHP 5 so they can run a script on their server and it requires PHP 5. I am not one to go customizing the base system a control panel runs on (customapache in this case) unless I have to because it can become a pain to...
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    Plesk makes me appreciate DA

    I have a client that needed another server and the guy managing the site going on the server was used to Plesk so they requested I install it. It is pretty from a user standpoint though missing some features you would think would be there (like sub-ftp accounts). But from a management...
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    Off site email server and domain aliases

    I have a site that uses their own email server so I configured the account to use an off site email server. My question is how does DA handle domain aliases in this case? In looking at the DNS for the alias domains I do not see any A records etc for the off site email server. Do they need to be...
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    Upgrading perl on CentOS 4.3

    So perl is in the recommended yum exclude list for centOS and custom apache does not update it. So what is the recommended process for updating perl on a DA server running CentOS 4.3? Does DA modify the defaults so you can not use yum anymore or something?
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    Who is using the RC1?

    I am running beta 8 at the moment and have not noticed any issues. There is quite a list of fixes between beta 9 and RC1 from beta 8 so I am thinking it might be a good idea to update. Has anyone running the RC1 noticed any issues after updating?
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    /bin/sh links to /bin/bash CentOS4

    I am trying to compile rrdtools and it errors out saying bash: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied /bin/sh is listed in /etc/shells but in checking /bin/sh is a link to /bin/bash and this seems to be messing with the build script. If I try to cd /bin/sh I get /bin/sh: Not...
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    Anyine use 1&1 for domains

    Registerfly is driving me nuts and I do not like the Godaddy interface. In general I don't really like 1&1, but in all honesty I have never used anything from them. They just bug me for some reason :) Their domain prices are cheap so I thought I would see if anyone here uses them for domain...
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    Creating tar archive through FTP and moving web sites

    OK, does anyone know of a way to create a tar archive on the remote system when you are connected to it via FTP? I am doing this from the root SSH CLI and the purpose is to move user web contents from one server to another. So I log into my server go to users ~ then ftp to the other server. It...
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    terminal emulation type

    I use SecureCRT 4.1 for SSH access to my servers. My Directadmin server is running CentOS 4.3. What terminal type do yall use? It has one called Linux and I thought that seemed appropriate but thought I would ask. Thi sis my first Linux server in a long time (Red Hat V4 was the last one before...
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    Full system backup question

    When configuring a full system backup under admin user it is a little unclear to me if the directories you can select at the bottom are part of the default of the full system backup at the top. In other words if in the area where you select the path for the backup you select everything in that...
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    Bread crumbs

    Put them at the top not the bottom :) I am setting up my first DA server so it is not something I noticed in the demo.