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    One-Click login is not enabled in the directadmin.conf

    There is maybe new phpmyadmin button on to right corner when you click on a database , when it is clicked it gives One-Click login is not enabled in the directadmin.conf did I miss the release of the feature I tough it is only for emails in 1.58.2 release
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    DirectAdmin 1.58.2 Release Candidate

    Any one with access to the DA account can read currently all emails using file manager (by browsing Maildir with it) , also master ftp account and shell accounts (I do not talk about admin access user level one is ok) I talk about user level access which is also required for auto login i do not...
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    [PLUGIN] EN-ClamAV - ClamAV Interface for DirectAdmin

    Banners on to works only as admin as reseller and user they show clam service stopped and na
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    Apache stopped

    If you use Graphical Custombuild2 in Admin Interface Extras plugin > Edit Options tab> Web ... edit the options and to owasp save and build the rules (Build ModSecurity Rules ) and rewrite_confs at Build Tab better way for me and for you if you are ok with shell go to cd...
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    How to remove cutombuild curl

    CentOS 7 I updated my curl today but I got some issues with one script after that so how I can remove it and go back to the stock rpm 7.29.0 I tried ./build remove_curl but it is not designed for that then I tried to trick it with echo "curl:7.29.0:" > custom_versions.txt but that file is...
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    Build in ability to set CPU, MEMORY, and IO limit per account / package with cgropus

    It is Not urgent but will be Easy and Useful I know Cloud Linux provide it on an extended level all ready, so here why I'm suggesting that It will be useful for: 1. CloudLinux users - it creates peace of mind if Oakley decide to buy Cloud Linux and make incompatible with DA, they will not be...