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    2 servers, cannot change IP

    How to I remove an IP from a trial licence ? I had 2 servers and both had trial licences. Now I have 1 that I am upgrading to a full licence and I accidentally upgraded the wrong IP. But since the other account had a trial also, I cannot change the Full Licence to the other IP because apparently...
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    2 Servers, SMTP, Directadmin and Smarthost

    Ok I have managed to raise the limits, seemed like a simple fix, a DOH moment. The issues with smart host relays are over my head though
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    2 Servers, SMTP, Directadmin and Smarthost

    I have server A hosting my main site, and I have server B which is supposed to be my mail server. I was using a 3rd Party mail service but they have chosen not to provide to us anymore. So I have server A,, and server B Server A is a VPS running MyBB which uses PHP to...