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    'Icons Grid' layout

    Good work ! In all pages it's too WHITE (like= I test it on screen 1920X maby consider to stick right side always in all pages...
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    CHANGE LIMIT/QUOTA > can't save

    Hi User level > E-Mail Accounts > CHANGE LIMIT/QUOTA > change to "unlimited" > button "save" can't click!
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    Plugin width bug

    Hi In all plugins (like CustomBuild 2.0/ cwaf / etc...) width size not 100% also you need to remove scrollbar ...
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    Schedule Backup > WHEN bug

    Also in WHAT tab
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    Schedule Backup > WHEN bug

    Click see step 2 > WHEN #All Users #All Users Except Selected
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    All users sort by Suspended

    Hi In old skin we can sort table by Suspended need to add this colum to new skin.
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    Nav buttons also on top tables

    Hi In list users and other page with this nav: Please put this also on top of tables > we need to scroll to down of page for go page X...
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    Schedule Backup > list users > SCROLL PAGE

    When we create new Schedule Backup becuase we have lot's of users the page SCROLL in big see the screenshot: Please put all the list in box with scroll (like old skin)... also when edit Schedule Backup...
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    Modify Backup Schedule > can't click on top menu

    When Modify Backup Schedule > can't click on menu show screenshot
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    Mail Queue Administration > not order by Sender

    In >Mail Queue Administration click top "Sender" to order table > not the same like old skin
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    general design suggestions

    In big screen the tables are with % width not good see this image screenshot:
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    Top search for E-mail of user when create

    Hi When we create new user we add E-mail for this user that all details sent ... When we try to search this email we get "No results"...
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    cron-jobs - user as link

    Hi In admin level - "All User Cron Jobs" > add user name as link to quick login ...
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    Resend Welcome E-mail

    Hi When click on - Resend Welcome E-mail - on popup box "Send To:" > show email not of user mail .. other mail ...
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    Design not save under user inside ressller

    Hello Change logo + colors for Evolution inside resseller account > apply to all users under this ressleller Login as user > nothing saved ...