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    Pro Pack for DA purchased from reseller

    I think DirectAdmin will make Pro Pack avaliable for resellers as well but with a higher pricing, or that's what I read.
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    5 and more PHP versions

    Is more than 4 avaliable now?
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    Force theme for resellers?

    Hi, How can I force theme for resellers? I can do it for users but if I change the custom CSS for users it does not change for resellers and I can't also force reseller to use "hybrid", when it comes to menu's customizations it happens the same, it changes for users but not for resellers.
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    R.I.P. CentOS ?

    I think is quite the opposite, community is more towards Rocky while big enterprises are using AlmaLinux because of CloudLinux. However, Rocky is more community-driven like CentOS (I mean his creator was one of CentOS founders). Also Rocky Linux just came out while Alma has been around a few...
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    Security & Bubblewrap

    I would say it's as safe as CageFS cause it does the same thing, however, CloudLinux has some other features like limiting MySQL requests...etc
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    Incremental backup plugin for DirectAdmin

    Would be nice if the Lite version had a monthly license as well, even if it was more expensive than the yearly plan.
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    Solved Incremental backups (Pro Pack (In the future))

    I've been using and it has worked pretty well
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    DirectAdmin 1.62.0 BETA-1

    Can a checkbox be included to select all files? It could be really useful for end-users.
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    DirectAdmin 1.61.5 has been released

    It did not compile, it works now!
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    When will DA have an new update ?

    DirectAdmin has announced in LowEndTalk a new version is comming soon, also, we will be able to install prebinaries but only with bugfixes (so no beta testing nor new features) that way, we will get instant bug fixes and we won't need to install prebinaries for that. I am glad they are making...
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    alguien sabe poner DirectaAdmin a Español
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    DirectAdmin 1.61.5 has been released

    It has finally been fixed on prerelease, since September. and I wonder how many people is using prerelease and how many customers can't use File Manager because they are using Filezilla. Hopefully the new release is worth the wait but yes, kinda dissapointed cause this kind of issues should be...
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    Firefox & new DA install login Problem

    Yup not working for me on prerelease neither