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    Error: fchown (ChgrpNoPerm)

    I keep getting these messages (the emailaddress and path in the output are modified). It's trying to set the group of the user, but shouldn't it set to the group "mail"? Jun 1 17:05:34 s020 dovecot[30631]: imap( Error: fchown(/home/website/imap/
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    set_permission issue (loop)

    set_permissions stuck in Maildir I am running ./set_permissions email, but it is stuck in the same Maildir and does not stop. See below for a short output (.Notes is just an example, it does for every directory in that account). set /home/domain/imap/
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    SSL certificate

    Hello, I am having some problems with setting up a SSL certificate on my domain. I have SBS Secure, but it does not work. Domain have his own IP address. Am I doing this correct? 1. SSL Certificates in DirectAdmin 2. I paste the private key (which I used to request) and certificate from SBS in...
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    High cpu usage (mysql/httpd)

    Hello all, I am having a problem, i see alot of httpd/mysqld processes. All websites are loading slow and high cpu. top - 00:20:05 up 7 days, 17:56, 1 user, load average: 59.68, 50.22, 49.06 Tasks: 645 total, 35 running, 608 sleeping, 0 stopped, 2 zombie Cpu(s): 77.9% us, 22.1% sy...
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    sshd problems

    Hello everybody, I see alot of pids at "sshd" in Service Monitor. When I want to restart it, I get the following error: I also can not login the server using ssh, it will give me the following message: "Connection refused". How can I fix this problem? With kind regards, DhoTjai
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    Problem with httpd after mysql update

    Hello all, I have a problem after updating mysql. I can not start httpd I am getting this: I have also tried to run ./build php n Which gives me this in config.log How can I fix this? Help appreciated! With kind regards, DhoTjai
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    yum update error

    Hi, I'm getting this with yum update: Anyone have an idea how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. DhoTjai
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    Hi all, Someone on our server is sending spam mails, he does not know about it. Most spam are sent to, and I'm getting loads of these Mail delivery failed mails: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be...
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    Rebuild php error libjpeg

    Hi all, I'm trying to configure php with domxml, and need me to rebuild php. I added this to configure.php After adding: ./build clean ./build php n An error shows!: configure: error: Please reinstall the libxslt >= 1.0.3 distribution I installed libxslt: yum install libxslt-devel The...
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    Apache 1.3 vs Apache 2.0

    I wonder wich one is better. Is it worth upgrading to 2.0? What are your opinions about them? Performance/security etc
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    Changing domain name

    I've tried to change domainname from to Nameservers were .net and I changed it to .nl. .net worked after change for few hours. Then it stopped, also cant ping .net and .nl I've already changed the nameservers of the .nl domain to ns1/ The other sites on...
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    server crash - database

    My server crash when I select a database in phpmyadmin. OS: Centos 4.3 Is there a fix for this?