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    Pricing changes/updates as of July 1, 2019 (No, we aren't raising our prices)

    Hello everyone! As a result of the demand created by the cPanel pricing fiasco, we've been forced to drop our loss-leader "Lifetime Licenses" earlier than planned. These licenses were not sustainable to begin with, but with an community-minded & non-abusive customer base like ours, we've...
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    Passing away of forum moderator "nobaloney"

    We have just learned that forum moderator (and friend) "nobaloney" has passed away. Jeff Lasman has been a supporter of the DirectAdmin project since our first week of business. It came as a shock to learn of his sudden passing. It may surprise some that Jeff was never on the payroll -- he...
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    Fake Security E-mail Issued May 25, 2011

    An e-mail was sent to clients with the subject: "DirectAdmin Client Message." This message claimed there was a serious DirectAdmin security issue and included a link to a phishing website. We apologize to all our clients because this was a result of our server being compromised. Please...
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    World of Warcraft addictions?

    I know several people who are addicted to this game. They rarely venture out into the "real world" except for food. They have several WoW characters and are always online if they have a free moment. Can anyone comment on this? What makes this game so addictive? While I'm ranting, another...
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    CentOS 4.x 64-bit support added, testers needed.

    Hi everyone, We could use one or two clean systems to test our 64-bit CentOS 4.x version on. Please contact me if you have: - Clean install of CentOS 4.0+ (x86_64 version) - Server bound to external IP address - Server live and connected to the Internet - Willingness to give us root access...
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    Debian Beta Testing [ More Testers! ]

    Hello again, This is a request for regular beta testers (we give you free license, you do the install, you report any problems you have). We don't need root access to your system unless you find a bug that we may have to go in and fix. Both Sarge and Woody systems are needed! Please make...
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    DirectAdmin for Fedora Core 3 Released

    Hi everyone, Just a little note to let you know that DirectAdmin for Fedora Core 3 is now available. Sorry for taking so long to get it out. We don't need any beta testers but if you want a free one-month license then we are still happy to provide that. Mark
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    Debian Beta Testing

    Hi everyone, Our Debian version is now complete and we require a few good people to help test it. Because each server is different, we will first require 2-3 systems and root access so we can do the install ourselves. Once we are confident that the installer works flawlessly, we'll make...
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    [Released] Enhanced DirectAdmin Theme

    Hi everybody, We have released our new Enhanced DirectAdmin theme (the one you have all been waiting for). To get it, manually download the latest DirectAdmin version from your Admin panel. The demo: login: demo_user password: demo :D
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    [Official Release] DirectAdmin for Redhat Enterprise 3.0

    DirectAdmin for Redhat's Enterprise 3.0 is now available. It is classified as BETA although there are no known bugs at this time. Beta status will be removed in approximately one month. If any bug is found, a fix will be released immediately, so web hosts should have full confidence in this...
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    [Official Release] DirectAdmin for Fedora 1.0

    DirectAdmin for Redhat's Fedora 1.0 is now available. It is classified as BETA although there are no known bugs at this time. Beta status will be removed in one month. To order this version, simply select "Fedora 1.0 (Beta)" when ordering through your client account. We anticipate having an...
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    The DirectAdmin-related Products and Services Forum

    Please observe the rules and policies of this forum: Vendors You may advertise your *DirectAdmin-related* products and services in this forum. Do NOT advertise products/services that are designed for any server unless such products/services have a module or feature that adds value...
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    Off Topic

    Why can't a bicycle stand up? It is two tired. Mark :p
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    About the FreeBSD Beta Testers Forum

    This part of the forum is intended for: - FreeBSD discussion - FreeBSD technical support - FreeBSD bug reporting Please do not post to other areas of the forum if you are having difficulties with the FreeBSD beta version. Please do not e-mail us with bugs, post them here. This will help...
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    FreeBSD Beta Testers

    We plan to start beta testing our FreeBSD version in the next few days. If you have a clean FreeBSD 4.8 system and wish to get a free lifetime license in exchange for trying to destroy the software, please e-mail me at: and ask to be put on the beta tester's list. I...