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    Feature Request Website

    To aid us in prioritizing feature requests, we've setup a website, found here: which lets you browse current feature requests, and vote for your favorites. You'll also be able to submit new requests, if they're not there already. The rate at which feature...
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.4 RC1

    Hello, We're pleased to announce the Release Candidate of DirectAdmin 1.60.4. Version: 1.60.4 RC1 This is primarily a bug-fix release, with a few small new features. All changes are listed here: Features/Changes: Default Change: MySQL...
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    Exim has been released

    Thanks for the report. Look like the mirror is having issues. Will try and resolve that quickly. I've also swapped the build script from using a single wget, to the built-in getFile call, which has backup server checking if the first download files. ./build version : rev 2409 In you case:cd...
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    SSO PHPMyAdmin returns a blank page

    Hi guys, I found a few issues when using a remote host= in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf file. 2 changes were needed, both in the DA binaries (currently pre-release only) and custombuild rev 2408. After updating both, and...
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    Dovecot (SECURITY)

    Dovecot has been released: John
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    CustomBuild: ssl_configuration=intermediate setting will now also drop TLS 1.1 and older for exim and dovecot

    If you're running a box with OpenSSL 1.0.2 or higher, any rebuilds of the exim.conf or dovecot.conf will include options to disable TLS 1.1. TLSv1.1 is EOL as of March 31, 2020. Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020. This is with CustmoBuild 2, rev 2404 and up: "./build version" If you...
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    SpamBlocker 4.5.22 has been released

    Hello, I've just pushed the 4.5.22 after testing and getting feedback from others. It fixes the /etc/virtual/blacklist_smtp_usernames file from only accepting DA User accounts (which would block all emails below it's control), to now also allowing you to fill in specific email addresses. This...
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    Changelog update exim.conf please?

    Oh, if anyone wants to know what each version does, I do keep all changes in one table here: down at the bottom of the page. Each version also has a diff, so you can see the line-by-line changes in the file. John
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    If anyone was trying to use this script: I've updated it on Feb 5th, 2020, to use the X3 cross-signed certs. Hopefully that helps solve some confusion.
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    TLSv1.1 dropped from the site

    If you're running an end-of-life OS, and cannot update your license, please see this guide:
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.3 has been released

    Hello, We're pleased to announce the release of DirectAdmin 1.60.3. This is a minor bug-fix release with all changes listed here: John
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.2 has been released

    Hello, We're please to announce the release of DirectAdmin 1.60.2. This is mainly a bugfix release, and all changes can be viewed in the versions system: Notable features: AUTO-LAN: "./setup auto": Automatically detect and setup the...
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    TLSv1.1 dropped from the site

    We had previously cleared TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from our website to keep up with the new SSL standards. However, we quickly got reports of client license servers which connect to our licensing API connection that they could not connect due to older OS versions. (not applicable to most people). That...
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    |POPLIST| instead catch-all list

    I believe another report of a missing wildcard catch-all in the aliases file caused it. That's fixed. Please try the pre-release binaries, and let us know if the problem persists:
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    |POPLIST| instead catch-all list

    Looking at the code, I'm not too sure what might cause that.. the first guess would be if the token parser has failed at some point earlier, or perhaps a missing closing | character. Try saving your html code elsewhere and have ONLY the |POPLIST| token in the html file, and load the page to...