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    SpamAssassin 3.4.3: *** CVE SECURITY ***

    SpamAssassin 3.4.3 has been released with an important security fix: Details on the issue have not been disclosed, but it mentions the bug can cause higher than usual...
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    Dovecot 2.3.9 build error

    I've re-packed Dovecot 2.3.9 with a patch. Tested on our F11 build box and compiles here. FYI: It's on all "" round-robin servers, might not yet be on other mirrors. The md5 dovecot-2.3.9.tar.gzshould b0614b63b0c17729cea648f82b28dc72a, in case you're unsure if you have it...
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    I've added to files1, but not yet updated the versions.txt. For those affected, please run:./build update perl -pi -e 's/^exim:.*$/exim:' versions.txt ./build eximthen confirm if it's updated, and if it has SPF:exim -bVand confirm back here. If it's fixed in this version...
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    Enable push notifications

    Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the request shows up at the bottom :) John
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    s-nail: Fixed. It wanted gmake instead of make. CB2 rev 2315 released with the fix. John
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    SPF: Also confirm that exim is compiled with SPF support, eg: exim -bV | grep 'Support for:' Support for: crypteq IPv6 Perl OpenSSL move_frozen_messages Content_Scanning DKIM DNSSEC Event OCSP PRDR SPF Experimental_SRSlooking for SPF in the output. Just tested again, and incoming SPF checks are...
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    Hello, Exim 4.93 has been released, info here: Note that this release requires Makefile changes to: Include USE_OPENSSL=yes Append -std=gnu99 to the CFLAGS CustomBuild 2.0 will do this for you. To update:cd...
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    emailing with PHP 7.4

    2019-12-07 21:18:17 1idgWv-0003ny-Kh acl_m_script_path '/' is never allowed for Users. That's part of BlockCracking's checks. It makes use of the /etc/'s find_script_path with perl's $ENV{'PWD'}; call. It is retruning / so something changed the cwd along the way. I've just setup...
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    Install Failed - Cannot find /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf

    The error message mentioned "localhost is not a valid domain". Run this:cd /usr/local/directadmin perl -pi -e 's/hostname=localhost/' scripts/setup.txt ./directadmin i ./directadmin pYou may also want to check the scripts/setup.txt for the ns1/ns2 entries.. as they're...
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    Brute Force Monitor not working with pureftpd.log and phpmyadmin.log

    To clarify, you need only grab the latest DA binaries. Everything's already set inside. No need to alter the directadmin.conf, as it should (internally) be set to the correct pure-ftpd.log, which is a 2nd scan, in addition to the default /var/log/messages. John
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    Vue widget example

    In case there is any confusion, the above example was only for "user" widgets in the user.conf. Reseller and Admin widget settings would respectively be in their other files: reseller.conf: reseller_widgets= admin.conf: admin_widgets= Where the "*_widgets_default=" still only lives in the...
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    Brute Force Monitor not working with pureftpd.log and phpmyadmin.log

    I've added support for this in DA: pre-release binaries are available now. I believe the reason why that log was created is for the "AltLog" which never adds anything anyway. From the /etc/pure-ftpd.conf:# Create an additional log file with...
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    Vue widget example

    Hello, I'm seeing 2 different questions here. 1) The ability to control the order when it's added 2) It not being added to existing accounts Let me know if that's not correct. I'll use the "user" options for discussion to keep things simple. The user_widgets setting by default is not in the...
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    Custom Exim and Dovecot settings not working

    Looking at the current /etc/exim.conf 4.5.18, I'm not seeing server_advertise_condition listed. This should mean you can just add it to your exim.variables.conf.custom, ./build eximconf, and be on your way with the desired setting. Let me know if I'm missing something here :) John
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    Brute Force Monitor not working with pureftpd.log and phpmyadmin.log

    Try this:ftp.* -/var/log/messagesas that's where it logs to by default, and where DA is looking. If you need it in pure-ftpd.log, I could rework the BFM to scan this other log too, but isn't in the default list. John