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    Does pigeonhole sieve only works for virtual users?

    thnx for helping!
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    Does pigeonhole sieve only works for virtual users?

    I thought I did, did it again. Mail to <username>@<domain> works now, but I also use aliases. It turns out then when I create an alias: <alias> => <username>@<domain> all works fine But I created aliases <alias> => <userrname> which deliver just fine but don't sieve.
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    Does pigeonhole sieve only works for virtual users?

    Hi Martynas, Does not work for me :-(
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    Does pigeonhole sieve only works for virtual users?

    Hi, I've installed and configured pigeonhole with dovecot. When I configure a filter for a virtual user the filter works on incoming mail. But on a local users mailbox the filters don't work. In exim.conf for a virtual_user the transport is set to "dovecot_lmtp" where for local users it is...
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    Add support for ImageMagick v6?

    I really like to be able to update ImageMagick and the php-imagick libraries through custombuild. A problem I have is that my development environment (on a Mac using macports) does not support ImageMagick v7 (and apparently with all de dependencies it's a lot of work to support it). Would it...
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    Exim has been released

    You can contact me of you want access to a server that has this issue.
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    Can confirm Marwen using the same service. I get the IPv6 ip error. SPF settings of seem to be ok? Logfile: 2019-12-11 10:26:18 SPFCheck: 2600:1f14:a73:9b01:d769:5be1:de28:5251 is not allowed to send mail from Please see...
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    Exim 4.93 has been released

    Maybe this can be the cause? point 10:
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    Admin backups secure ftp interface error

    When I enable Secure FTP in a backup schedule and save it, I get the following error: %s=%s is not a valid option! Please report to skin developer. Should be %s=%sftp_secureyesftp_secureftps
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    Include DMARK analyser

    Hi, I've enabled DMARK on one of my domains and I'm succesfully receiving reports. But manually going through the xml is not really handy. I know there are (commercial) DMARK analysers but I thought it would be a great feature if DA supported some analyser tool so everything can be handled on...
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    More specific httpd-alias.conf .well-know alias for letsencrypt?

    To be able to use the directadmin.conf letsencrypt=1 setting, a generic alias is put into httpd-alias.conf: Alias /.well-known "/var/www/html/.well-known/" Currently, letsencrypt more specificly only uses the .well-known/acme-challenge/ url and the .well-known/ directory is also used for eg...
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    IP Information links on Brute Force Monitor page missing?

    I just installed the newest version from There is a nice hover menu now :-D
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    Page loading seems slow?

    Hi, I'm generally really happy with the new skin. It's a great improvement from the previous default. On my system though, page loading is not "snappy" but kind of slow. Some pages, eg. the Brute Force Monitor, page loading is so slow it becomes a nuisance. Is this my system (VPS: 2 cores /...
  14. dkzr script error line 38

    When I run ./ renew <domain> I get an error: 38: [: http: unexpected operator Apart from the error, the script seems to work fine. I'm running Debian 8.9 and Let's Encrypt client: 1.0.18
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    Can directadmin.conf options domainips_default_ip contain mulitple ip addresses?

    Hi, Is it allowed to list mulitple IP addresses in the domainips_default_ip config? Eg. domainips_default_ip=<my IPv4>; <my IPv6> This seems to work, but maybe I miss something? Why? I'f added an extra IP to my server (both IPv4 and IPv6) and I want to make sure exim only sends through...