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    Unable to download!!

    Hi. I try install directadmin on debian 9.4 and i get error: *** Unable to download tried: I earlier install directadmin on debian and ubuntu and everything was ok. Why today i cant install DA?? Please help...
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    Is directadmin available with AWS lightsail?

    I have used DirectAdmin with a shared hosting a/c and now moving on AWS lightsail. Want to know that is DirectAdmin available with AWS Lightsail? fetlife vshare
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    Wireguard not working with release of 8.1.1911!!

    issue solved!!
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    How should i do partition?

    Hi This is my first time installing CentOS on production servers, i want to make sure I’m doing the partitions correctly. Server has three hard drives, 2x 600 GB SAS and 1x240 SATA First question, should I install OS in SAS or SATA? Second, if i install OS in one of the three hard drives, should...
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    Wireguard not working with release of 8.1.1911!!

    Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but it appears Wireguard is no longer working with the release of 8.1.1911 and the upgrade to kernel 4.18.0-147.3.1.el8_1.x86_64. This is just an FYI since we probably just need an update to Wireguard, but if you rely on it for your VPN you might want...
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    Using CentOS In a Large Enterprise

    issue got solved!!
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    Using CentOS In a Large Enterprise

    Hello, I'm very new to the CentOS community and what brings me here is an interest of utilizing CentOS as the Linux distribution of choice for our Linux end-points at my job. I am a systems engineer at a Fortune 500 company and my small team is responsible for around 7000 (very cookie cutter)...