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    Help in configuring DirectAdmin Mail with Cloudflare (can't receive mail, but can send )

    If you can send mail, but not receive, this sounds like the mx records are not resolving to your server. Put your domain in the box here: You want to see your server's IP as a result.
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    Setting Subdomain Post Migration

    Sorry, this is a bit long but trying to understand what is actually happening here. Migrated one account from cPanel to DA which contained: -- on PHP 7.3 on PHP 5.6 -- After restoration, DA did not recognize in the account or Domain Setup page...
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    Setting http_methods in CustomBuild kills Apache

    Setting http_methods in CustomBuild killed Apache. Allowed the methods following the guide here. -- [root@host custombuild]# ./build set http_methods GET:HEAD:POST:PROPFIND:OPTIONS:PUT:DELETE:MKCOL:COPY:MOVE Changed http_methods option from...
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    Interest survey - 'remade/refreshed' enhanced skin

    I will try Enhanced and compare to Evolution to see which is speedier. It won't matter what I use on my own server, because customers' servers will almost all be using Evolution with Icon Grid. So for 95% of my work in DA, switching skins isn't an option.
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    SFTP & PureFTP

    I've been sifting through the documentation and forum posts and don't have clear picture on this. Is it possible to enable SFTP for DA users or FTP only users without granting them full SSH access? If so, what is the recommended process/config to enable this? Thank you
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    Email is blocked incoming since September- NO one helping. Many attempts to get help

    They have a support link
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    Email is blocked incoming since September- NO one helping. Many attempts to get help

    Looks like Locus Marketing is whois the contact for the site which is hosted on LiquidWeb %rwhois V-1.5:003eef:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V- network:Class-Name:network network:ID:NETBLK-LOCUSMARKETI. Putting the IP in the browser actually...
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    Add warning for backup restore path not owned by admin

    Changing the backup directory path in "Admin Backups >> Restore Backup" changes the local_path in backup.conf [root@host ~]# cat /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/backup.conf append_to_path=nothing ftp_ip= ftp_password= ftp_path=/ ftp_port=21 ftp_secure=no ftp_username= local_path=/root/backup...