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    Update Apache to 2.2.3 from 2.2.17 on CentOS 5.5

    Need some help. I have tried so many different things, I now can't remember what I did and didn't do. I have revert back to 2.2.17 and server runs fine. However I need to install APC which requires HTTP-DEVEL and the only rpms I can find are for 2.2.3 I assume I would need to update to 2.2.3...
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    SoftException in Application.cpp:296: UID of script

    For those of you who don't already know... when you SCP or copy files from another server, ex. a backup drive, then sometimes the apache error log will show: SoftException in Application.cpp:296: UID of script "/home/blah/domains/" is smaller than min_uid the...
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    Update Perl

    Anyone know how to update perl to the latest version using DA? or is there a way to do it in command line? Thanks
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    DA will not work now

    I am unable to get to direct admin using :2222 when i goto the IP and :2222 it will not work :( It was working just yesterday... and nothing has been added or installed on the server. I even tried to reboot... no luck. I checked w/ the data center to see if they blocked 2222, and they didnt...
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    Question about ping

    I setup this freeBSD box and have never run into this problem before. I can ping from the FreeBSD box just fine, i get ping responses from everywhere. my resolve.conf file has multiple nameservers and one that points to The problem I am having is, I can not ping the freebsd box from...
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    System Information Memory shows up wrong

    I have a question... It doesnt really effect my system, but it's something that is bugin me... I am running a DellPoweredge 4400: dual xeon pIII 1ghz It has 4GB of memory and 500gb raid 5 OS is FreeBSD 4.10 The question is: In the system information it shows: Processor Name Intel Pentium...