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    MySQL 5.7 support

    Hi smtalk, yes it was an upgrade from MySQL 5.6 I sent you PM with access details. Regards
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    MySQL 5.7 support

    Hello, now servers with CustomBuild 2.0.0 rev.2352 FreeBSD 11.3 x.64 downloading the package for MySQL 5.7.27 but upgrade does not end correctly. On some servers ended with: Error: Failed while fetching Server version! Could be due to unauthorized access. FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed Done...
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    Error on building php-fpm 5.3.29

    Hello, I have a symilar problem with PHP 5.3.29 on FreeBSD 11.3 x.64 CustomBuild 2.0 rev.2337 Regards
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    MySQL 5.7 support

    Hello, in options.conf I had "mysql_force_compile=yes" it must be another reason.. Regards,
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    MySQL 5.7 support

    Hello, ./build update ./build mysql "Cannot find mysql-5.7.27 package for installation" On all FreeBSD 11.3 64-bit servers.
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    Exclude some domains from feature "Prevent creating subdomain of a different user"

    Exclude some domains from feature "Prevent creating subdomain of a different user" I submit a proposal to the possibility of exclusions (by Admin) selected domains from this feature Because e.g. many users do not needed your own domain and want to...
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    Roundcube 0.8.7

    Hi, John could you add package with Roundcube 0.8.7 to ? (for older servers with PHP 5.2, custombuild 1.2)
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    e-mail from cron task as html site

    Hi My customer want receive e-mail from cron task as HTML site. His PHP script generates correct HTML site but he received e-mails as plain text. Maybe cron use mail() function as mail($to, $subject, $message); instead of mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); How to resolve this problem ?
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    Option: Delete high scoring spam default to YES

    Hello When new domain is created is possible to auto set by DA in Spamassassin settings this option "Would you like to delete high scoring spam?" as default to "Yes, block all spam scoring higher than" or not because it's hardcoded to "No, do not block high scoring spam. Use only the threshold...
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    Functionality: change the default index.html file stopped working

    Hello Yesterday on all our servers this funcionality: stopped working. All servers was updated to the latest DA version (1.41.1) . DA for all new domains creates index.html file from standard template /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/default not...