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    How-to: mod_pagespeed for apache

    Looked further into this. It's not the same... However, last update happened in 2018... so, this could be headed same direction.
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    PHP-FPM Opcache optimal settings? opcache.enable_cli and opcache.file_cache

    Been researching the following settings, but still not sure what are the best settings here for PHP-FPM (and multiple PHP-FPM version): opcache.enable_cli opcache.file_cache Ref: Currently my settings are, and using multiple PHP-FPM...
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    How-to: mod_pagespeed for apache

    Is this the same thing that google ended service for past August? Turndown information for PageSpeed Service Following the deprecation announcement on 5th May, PageSpeed Service was turned off on 3rd August. If your site is...
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    unable to access htacces in subdirectory/subdomain

    The reason likely why it works with 755 and not 750 (or 644 vs 640) is because you have permissions set as username:username For php-fpm , user:group permissions for, example, .htaccess would need to be username:apache in order to use 640 -- if 644, then you can use username:username, but it's...
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    CustomBuild 2.0 rev. 2369 with steroids

    I think we need some useful examples utilizing this new feature. Like a HOW-TO with practical examples.
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    I think it's time to improve the Backups system

    This shouldn't be a plugin for remote SSH/SFTP server backups... the functionality is static; well established. However, for paid plugins for 3rd party cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc--as the API aspect would be more foreign than basic sysadmin knowledge-- this would be...
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    I think it's time to improve the Backups system

    Even the current suggested backup scripts are all outta whack... Why isn't the date appended by default? And why isn't the remote backup script have the above backup date append as part of this? (forcing the users to figure out how to combine these...
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    I think it's time to improve the Backups system

    This is a no-brainer, and the DirectAdmin devs have been sleeping on this for way too long... probably one of the MOST important features for any webadmin control panel.
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    Can't login to directadmin because being redirected to non-working

    I locked myself out of root, because I set nolimit for root in /etc/security/limits.conf And I set directadmin to redirect to DOMAIN.COM:2222 instead of using an IP And BIND doesn't seem to be responding because of the nolimit anymore... Now I...
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    PHP 5.6 Released; custombuild 2.0 support?

    Just a heads up... PHP 5.6 is now final. No support yet in the latest custombuild 2.0
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    DA instructions on admin_backups and remote backups WITH dates

    Can someone please post full instructions on combining the below instructions on how to add dates to admin_backups and how to store admin_backups remotely on a single run: Thanks.
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    How to bind a user's dedicated IP to also be used as their OUTGOING IP?

    I know this has been discussed countless times regarding email. However, what is the best practice on using the users dedicated IP to also be used as his outgoing IP? Several different users PULL content via different methods to their site, however, the outgoing IP is, by default, the main...