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    Problem with users

    Hello, Today I reinstall DirectAdmin in a FreeBSD 7.4-RELEASE and when I log into the server I found all the users I've deleted. I can't find /home/admin but I can log into the server with the admin password DA set after the install process. I have no problem for the lost data, because is...
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    SpamAssassin is not checking mails

    Hello Forum Today I folllow the steps to add spamassassin to the new server And when I see the ../exim/mainlog queue I never found spamd process running. Just In case I've update Exim follow this steps And...
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    Problems restoring a BK

    Hello Forum I Just installed a new Server with DA DirectAdmin 1.40.3 I've migrated the reseller user from my current_Old_DA_Box to the new one. The reseller information was migrated without problems, but when I tried to migrate a user (using FTP) from the old Server to the new I get a message...
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    LVM /home Directory

    Hello Forum, I will Install a FreeBSD 8.* 64bits DA, but I want to configure LVM for /home directory. Someone has had problems with this kind of disk distribution using gvinum? Someone was tried to do this kind of configuration? Best Regards