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    Disable PHP/script access in a folder?

    I am using suphp and everything is working OK. However, i cannot seem to deny access to scripts being executed in a certain directory. I have tried an .htaccess with the contents: AddHandler cgi-script .php .pl .py .jsp .asp .htm .shtml .sh .cgi Options -ExecCGI I have also tried puting this...
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    What happens when reseller uses over 100% of their space?

    So I have Allow Overselling enabled for a reseller and now is the first time I have got a notice about someone using over 100% space. What happens when a reseller is over 100% their space? Does it prevent them from creating more users and allocating more space? Or is overselling just allowing...
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    RoundCube Upgrade Errors

    Used custombuild for first time today to upgrade the roundcube install from RC1 to the latest stable (0.1.1). I received these errors from the command line: [root@womp custombuild]# ./build roundcube --11:29:56--
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    RSS (Really Stop Spam) replacing SpamBlocker?

    I noticed my latest updated had a new exim.conf and in my templates. Inside the header of the conf it said "RSS" standing for Really Stop Spam. My 2 questions are: 1. Is this the latest version of the exim.conf replacing SpamBlocker? 2. I tried just copying over the new exim.conf and...
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    Remote FTP backup not working?

    I'm trying to test out remote FTP backups. But I can't seem to get anything to work. Local backing up of the data at /home/backup seems to be working just fine. In the backup status it never says anything about attempting FTP transfer: Performing sanity checks: Completed Checking load average...
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    Spam Cannibal DNSBL?

    Wondering if anyone is using the Spam Cannibal DNSBL and if there were any false positives after starting to use it? I had never seen this DNSBL before. But it contained a C block that I had received spam from for weeks when no other DNSBL would block it. I am thinking about adding it to my...
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    Help with DNS multi-server API

    I am trying to setup a second server with Apache / PHP script to emulate a multi-server setup without having to setup a complete DA install on second server. I am able to get DA to login and read the server version. But after reading: I cannot...
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    Secondary DNS Only Version?

    Wondering if there has ever been talk of a stripped down 'DNS Only' version of DA which can act as a DNS synchronization without any apache, mysql, php, or mail daemons. I know there are scripts and ways to copy and sync zones on a secondary server. But I am interested in a solution that...
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    Whitelist IP blocks not working?

    I am trying to add ad network such as to /etc/virtual/whitelist_hosts to whitelist a network which has been blocked on a SORBS list. However it does not seems to be working. I check the exim.conf and do see the list line: hostlist whitelist_hosts_ip =...
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    Last log lines first character cut-off

    Not sure if this bug has been mentioned before. But under 'Site Summary / Statistics / Logs' for a domain, when viewing the last 10 or 100 lines the first character is always cut off. Harmless. But a bug to me. Does anyone else see the same thing? The only reason I noticed it was when I was...
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    Secondary DNS server without DA installed?

    Wondering if there is a way to get DA to create domains on a simple BIND server without DA installed? Or even possibly a 'DNS Only' setup similar to what cPanel does? What I would like to be able to do is have a secondary DNS server for all my DNS. But currently, this means adding the domain...
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    Dovecot future default?

    Just wanted to say that I like dovecot much better than the old imap and pop3d daemon. Plus it has built in pop3s and imaps support (not to mention Maildir). I installed the beta using the instructions in the help article and it worked flawlessly. Hope it becomes the future default.
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    Dovecot custom conf files?

    Wondering if anyone knew if /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/ supported the dovecot.conf file. I do not see the dovecot.conf here and want to make some changes to it and keep it in the custom templates so if I update it will use my custom one. Anyone running dovecot with a custom conf file...
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    HOWTO: ProFTPD 1.3.0a SSL/TLS [Source and RPM]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The current version of custombuild (1.1) supports rebuilding of ProFTPD with mod_tls. This how-to may be considered obsolete if you are using custombuild. More info on custombuild here...
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    DA proftpd rpm source for TLS/SSL configure?

    I am testing DA and one things I notice not working is TLS/SSL ftp. The addition of TLS/SSL to proftpd look very simple. It is just a couple of lines needed into the config file for the server certificates. However the rpm was not built with mod_tls.c so these do not work. Wondering if anyone...