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    Python application deploy issue with cloud linux

    No such application (or application not configured) "test"
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    Backup Restoration

    File name cpmove-username.tar.gz
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    Backup Restoration

    Hi, I have cPanel account backup and DA Single user license is that possible can I restore backup under admin account
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    Nameservers are failing at registrar

    Hi, run below command and share output cat /etc/named.conf
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    Disable mod_security with .htaccess Not Work

    could you please share more detail step by step to do this
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    Prevent brute force wp-login

    ConfigServer eXploit Scanner Imunify 360
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    Prevent brute force wp-login

    Enable Google captcha all form, login, register / contact
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    Let's encrypt problem

    Hi, Follow Below screenshot and article to set your server hostname and install SSL
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    How to change IP to existing reseller

    Login Your Reseller Account First Account Manager => List Users => Modify your own User data
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    nameserver set up not working

    cat /etc/named.conf result and OS?
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    Disable mod_security with .htaccess Not Work

    can I Disable ModSecurity for Single user yes or no with this configuration if yes how
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    Disable mod_security with .htaccess Not Work

    Server Openlitespeed with Cloud Linux and Using CXS with modsecurity_ruleset OWASP
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    Disable mod_security with .htaccess Not Work

    Hi, /domains/ <IfModule mod_security2.c> SecRuleEngine Off </IfModule> try this method not working for single user Globally Working with below method cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build set modsecurity no ./build rewrite_confs
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    LVE Manager

    Run Below Command First yum install lvemanager and Navigate to Extra Features => Edit Option Tab => Find ( CloudLinux Settings ) and Set to Yes