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    Exim error Disk quota exceeded

    What could be wrong with Exim? servers space and inode is: 120 GB (Used 15.8 GB) (Inode 6% Used) User got everything set to unlimited. Exim Panic Log says 1aTkTx-0000g2-M9 Failed to create spool file /var/spool/exim/input/x/1aTkTx-0000g2-M9-D: Disk quota exceeded # df -h Filesystem Size...
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    Mod secure installation problem

    Hello I was trying to install Mod_Secure with Nginx on my server and getting an error Mod_security is now enabled in Nginx ModSecurity has been installed successfully. nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "ModSecurityEnabled" in /etc/nginx/nginx-modsecurity-enable.conf:1 nginx: configuration file...
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    Strange process

    hello i have a strange process running on my VPS server it takes 100% of a CPU # pstree -p init(1) build(4017) build(5142) fold(5144) tr(5143) #top -c shows 5143 root 20 0 4100 560 472 R 99.4 0.0 30:27.84 tr -cd a-zA-Z0-9 5144 root 20 0...
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    RoundCube Problem with database

    Hello I got a problem to install roundcube. DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED! Followed this tutorial And when i did # ./build roundcube Get an error Inserting data to mysql and creating database/user for roundcube... ERROR 1045 (28000): Access...
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    ngx_pagespeed install with directadmin

    Hello i miss some information how to :) I installed page speed by using this tutorial Later by using Directadmin tutorial added custom module
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    [error] 1815#0: *15 open()

    Hello. server with nginx returns error in cd /var/log/nginx/domains/ 2015/04/12 13:59:06 [error] 1815#0: *15 open() "/home/user/domains/" failed (2: No such file or directory)...
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    Instaling nginx what did i miss?

    Installing Centos 6 + Directadmin 1.6 provided by my host changing direct admin to custom build 2. # cd /usr/local/directadmin # mv custombuild custombuild_1.x # wget -O custombuild.tar.gz...