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    ClamAV enf end of life - FIX Solution - Debian Lenny

    Hi Guys, If you have problems while sending email - especially today, and starting/stopping service is giving 'ClamAV has reached End of Life' then you've to upgrade ClamAV from 0.94 to 0.95 from violatile. First, check /etc/apt/sources.list if you have this line in: deb...
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    few errors with mySQL

    Hi Guys, I've no idea what happened today to my mySQL. Firstly, I got message that mysql service is down, so i analized some logs and i figured out ... and mysql is working correctly at this moment. socket is located in /var/run/mysqld/mysql.sock but phpmyadmin is saying that server is not...
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    autoresponder problem

    Hi, I've a problem with autoresponder. It works great except that polish letters (ąćźłń) in autoresponded message looks like (ąćźżółń). Whats wrong, where can I fix it?
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    Is it possible to connect with API through Perl?

    Hi, Is it possible to connect with DA API using Perl? Can anyone paste some code, because I'am trying with no success. Thanks
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    [API] Problems with CMD_USER_PASSWD

    Hi Guys I know that there's no function in API to change users password. But there's an option in both admin and reseller acounts. So i tried to connect and push new username,passwd,passw2 values to /CMD_USER_PASSWD but everytime I get 'Unable to change password' Then I found CMD_API_USER_PASSWD...
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    problem with rapidSSL

    Hi guys I've problem with rapidSSL on, i created CSR and a key on shell, then i copied CSR and ordered rapidSSL, when I received certificate i pasted it with 'use CA cert' and i got message saying that certificate was installed successfully and my website will be secure in...
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    Add new account from outside of DA

    Hi Is there any way to set up a new account using handmade scripts instead of logging to DA admin and adding it by hand?
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    e-mail accounts in main domain

    Hi Is there any way to add a few e-mail accounts in main domain. Lets say the main DA domain is ''. How can I only add mails without adding new hosting clients?
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    Debian 5.0: exim + spamasassin

    Hi, I'am using Debian 5.0 with latest DA installed. I tried to install spamassassin using /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ (successfully) I also run spamd (successfully). But when i tried to modify exim.conf I realised that there's no: ----------------------------------------- # Spam...
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    FreeBSD 7.2 problem with traffic/quota

    Hi, Sorry for my english at this point. I've newest DirectAdmin installed on FreeBSD 7.2-release. Everything works just great, all daemons etc are working as they should but I dont know why I've problem with traffic and quota counting. I've added a Plan with 3000MB of DiskQuota and 10000MB of...