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    Import bulk e-mail accounts with CSV files

    Hello there, I would like to have this feature in DirectAdmin. Sometimes, our customers need to create+ +30 accounts, so is easier help them by importing a file with Email, Password and Quota. Hope you consider this request. Thanks!
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    Secure passwords in DirectAdmin

    Hello, I have been trying to increase the security of user passwords (email, FTP and MySQL). But I could not achieve it, I already added the following variables to directodmin.conf: enforce_difficult_passwords = 1 random_password_length = 16 But when I go to the panel, and start typing, from...
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    Packages prefix from cPanel migration

    Hello! I have migrated a reseller user from cPanel, that reseller has lots of packages. And I have a little question about DA packages. That reseller user, has for example: reseller_Bronze reseller_Silver reseller_Gold Do you recommend me keep that names? I have noticed that DA don't create...
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    Generate SSL automatically after account is created

    Hello, Is is possible to generate LetsEncrypt SSL automatically when an account is created? I have configured: SSL=1 letsencrypt=1 But, when I created an account from WHMCS, I need to login as a user, and then create SSL cert manually, and after 2 minutes the site can be loaded by using...
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    Enable SSL on

    Hello there, Actually I have testing DA, in order to migrate my servers from other control panel. I have followed all the tutorials, but I can't enable SSL to mail subdomain. I installed LetsEncrypt, and the hostname works well. Also, and have SSL installed. And I...