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    ProFTPd Version 1.3.7a.

    Hi, I just tryed to update ProFTPd but now it wont start anymore. Did anyone have this problem too? -- The result is failed. Aug 24 11:17:01 srv1 systemd[1]: Unit proftpd.service entered failed state. Aug 24 11:17:01 srv1 systemd[1]: proftpd.service failed. Aug 24 11:17:06 srv1 systemd[1]...
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    Sync calendar and contacts

    Is there also a way to sync with Roundcube?
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    Download files

    Hi Freek, I think you are from the Netherlands right? In that case use this If you cant do it, i can help you if you would like (sent me a pm). If you arent dutch please use this guide...
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    Download files

    Hello, What files do you want to download? Just your website or Directadmin completely? If you want to download your website you can do this with FTP.
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    Sync calendar and contacts

    Good day everyone, I'm looking for a solution to share contacts and the calendar automatically to my server (Outlook --> server and vice versa). Is there anyone who has a solution for this? I found the following But no idea is this could work with DirectAdmin, and if this does...
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    can't access to direct admin

    Try going to your ip:2222
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    PHP 7.4 not listed New Install DirectAdmin

    @matthew01 if you want me to help, please sent me an private message. I can install PHP 7.4 for you (by Teamviewer / if you give me the login details)
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    PHP 7.4 not listed New Install DirectAdmin

    Hey Matthew, Please install Custombuild 2.0. This will make it easy to install PHP 7.4 and more.
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    Emails sending to Spam

    Well, i score 10/10 and still go to spam. So dont expect magic, but this is a good base!
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    I feel cheated and used

    Indeed i was sarcastic ;)
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    I feel cheated and used

    Well @napoolion i first thought you were speaking about your partner... But you are speaking about the Devil him self... DirectAdmin... Those people trying to hide everything on the internet... It's not like they made an page talking about everything like this...
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    Not understand what these errors are:

    Hey, Well, it only says that you have PHP 7.1 and 7.3 installed but not enabled. Do you have to care? nope, as long as you don't use them, so you could also remove them completely. saves up disk space :-)
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    let's encrypt error while creating a certificate

    Hey all, When i want to create an let's encrypt certificate i get this error message: A way i found to fix this is creating an A record with the following info (but i don't think this is the right way....): Type Name Value A * SERVERIPHERE This is in my Directadmin.conf...
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    All accounts in directadmin has public_html permission 777

    The feature you are looking for is possible when using CloudLinux.
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    How-to: mod_pagespeed for apache

    If you get any response like below its installed