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    MySQL 5.7 keeps restarting

    Yesterday I upgraded MySQL from 5.5 to 5.6 and directly to 5.7.25. I also rebuild php, and configured it from 2 php options to 4 php options. After the installation everything looked fine, but mysql keeps 'crashing' every 10 ~ 20 minutes. I checked Apache (root and user level) logs and MySQL...
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    Changing DKIM key

    Hi, Is it possible to change the DKIM key record? So that it becomes something different that x._domainkey ? I changed the key manually in the DNS records (of both external DNS settings and in the DA account), but that doens't seem to work. I'd like to change it because my customer thinks the...
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    Outlook and Hotmail receives all mail as spam

    PHP mail (default Wordpress e-mails) and SMTP mail from default DA mail accounts are all being received as spam by Outlook. I have tested this with a standard free account. I think there is something wrong with my mail setting. I've tried: checking on blacklists, the server is not...
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    MD5 Checksum for all/ failed *again*

    Strange thing: Let's encrypt client isn't updating because of an incorrect MD5 checksum. I just changed DA download server to other (faster) mirror and tried to update let's encrypt by command line: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build versions /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build...
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    Letsencrypt script pointed to incorrect hostname

    We have a cloned VPS. Hosting provider changed the hostname in the files, like /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hostname and also at DA > admin > Administrator settings > hostname. When I tried to install letsencrypt and set it up for DA admin login, the script is trying to request a certificate...
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    Stop auto-renewal Letsencrypt when account is suspended

    Is it possible to stop auto-renewal Letsencrypt when account is suspended? At the moment I have to completely remove the account to stop auto-renewal, when the domain isn't resolving to the account anymore.
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    Custom HTTPD configuration not working on Apache/Nginx combination

    We are running a Apache/Nginx combination pretty much out of the box. When I try to install Magento 2, I have to rename the public_html folder to pub. Therefore I added this rule to the "Custom4" field in HTTPD customizations at the admin level. DocumentRoot...
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    CSF blocking my whitelisted IP

    CSF is acting unexpected. My ip is in the allow list (/etc/csf/csf.allow) My ip is not in the deny list My ip is in Directadmin's whitelist (/usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_whitelist) My ip is not in Directadmin's blacklist (/usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist) Mostly my ip...
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    DA ssl self-signed certificate not working

    I have a huge problem. The server worked nicely with a self signed certificate. After trying to install Letsencrypt certificate the server went down. Now even httpd isn't starting anymore. When I retry to install a self-signed certificate it doesn't seem to create the right private key...
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    Directadmin thinks it needs to renew Letsencrypt later than required date

    I get this notification mail from my server: But in the SSL settings, DA is telling that the certificate needs to be renewed after 32 days. The SSL certificate isn't available atm. I had some problems with loggin in, because the date of my server was a couple of days out of sync. Maybe that...
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    Cron hanging

    A cron job of one of the users had been hanging for 2 weeks. It's a bit of a difficult situation, as the server is serving a Magento webshop and sales are depending on the cron. The only rule I can find in all of my /var/log/cron* files is this: cron-20161204:Nov 30 19:49:01 c6 crond[2171]...
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    Unablle to reload php.ini changes

    I want to enable / disable xdebug. My custombuild 2.0 server has php 5.6 and php 7.0 installed, both in php-fpm mode. To make sure I had the right php.ini, I echoed phpinfo. It says the php.ini file is in: /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini (Loaded Configuration File) I added location and...
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    Phpmyadmin won't update

    Hi, my phpmyadmin is stuck in a very old version. When I try to update with custombuild (Martynas custombuild plugin), of through ssh, phpmyadmin is staying on the same version. How can I solve this? Executing /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild/admin/build phpmyadmin... phpMyAdmin...
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    Hostname SSL certificate is being loaded instead of user SSL

    I just generated a user SSL to provide this user a secure connection on The Letsencrypt SSL request succeeds: Challenge is valid But when I go to, or when I try to connect to it with my Apple mail application, the server loads the wrong SSL certificate. It's...
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    Server keeps saying I have an SSL certificate problem

    I set up my server with an Letsencrypt SSL certificate. My Chrome browser seems to be totally fine with that. I get an error within Laravel about an SSL issue. When I try to curl a website that has active SSL (as root user), shell gives me back a message that I seem to be using a self signed...