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    ssh login FreeBSD

    I was under the impression that in FBSD to use passworded login's you needed to edit the sshd_config to enable PasswordAuthentication varable? Once I have done that and tried to login I still have the same problem. I can't seem to figure out how to get around this...
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    Use domain for login

    I am not sure if we have covered this somewhere but I was wondering if anyone could give me a little help. What is the best way so that my customers can use a domain as the login? Second part is do you know of a solution that includes the ability to login to the correct server that the domain...
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    IMAP Extensions

    I have been trying to get the correct IMAP Extensions compiled into php on my FreeBSD 5.x box. I have NOT been successful...anyone get it working and if they did how did you do it? I think I am really close all the time and have the libc-client.a in the /usr/local/lib but php gives me a error...
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    SSMTP and/or listen to 587

    I have a ton of clients and the past few weeks we have had many qustomers complain that they can't send outgoing mail from their websites. It turns out that OptimumOnline is not blocking port 25 so they can't send email anymore. This is very fustrating for everyone, and it seems like a growing...
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    IMAP Extensions

    Just wondering if anyone has tried or has working the IMAP c-client (IMAP Extensions) in 5.x? I was working on it tonight and was unable to get it working. I used the following: /usr/ports/mail/cclient --with-imap=/usr/local/include/c-client Just wondering if anyone got it working. I think...
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    External DNS resolution

    We have been noticing that some of our none webhosting customers (internet service dial-up, dsl, wireless) that use our DNS servers are not resolving to the correct external websites. We don't need help fixing the problem but since this is happening on 3 of our servers running DirectAdmin I...
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    Secondary DNS feature

    I know this has been discussed but not lately to my knowledge. Do you think you could add in the skin the ability to setup secondary DNS? I know this should be a pretty easy feature to add. It would be great if it was just in the admin area? This seems like a very populary feature to be added...
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    4.10 released

    It just basically bug fixes along with the added USB support.
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    admin user and ssh

    I added a new admin user and I was unable to ssh into the box with that username. Does anyone else have this same problem?
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    imapd won't start on boot

    I wrote you a detailed message but just close the tab in by browser so I will make this short: imapd won't start on boot. You can start it manually and it will run. I check inetd.config the imapd line is added. I removed and reinstalled via the ./ script. I checked all the logs and I...
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    How To: Install IPFW Firewall FreeBSD

    Starting with the 4.x series FreeBSD included a built-in firewall called ipfw. ipfw is packet filtering firewall and in this how to I will show you how to install ipfw on your server. Here are the basic steps: 1) Recompile kernel with ipfw 2) Add configuration options to rc.conf 3) Add firewall...
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    New API's or End User Pane

    I was working on a project and I think I just hit the wall. You are using the API's and want a end user user1 for example be able to change his password, or modify something how can you with the API's? Let just take a simple example such as changing your password. Don't you think that end...
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    Backup of "Your User"

    Why is the resellers the only one able to do a FTP backup? I would like to be able to schedule the user with that.
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    proftpd passive connections though firewall

    What ports do you folks have open? Do you open the entire ephemeral port range? (49152-65534). I am having some problems with proftpd not working with passive connections and just wondering what you have open.
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    How To: Upgrade FreeBSD with CVSup

    We are going to upgrade our FreeBSD system with the CVSup tutorial. The FreeBSD team unlike Linux develops the Kernel and World. They are separate parts but linked together. Good practice will tell you not to upgrade just the kernel but the entire system. Let check to see what we are running...