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    we need to stress jetbackup!

    I see JetBackup will be release soon for DA at the end of Q1. 2020
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    Admin Login notification

    Hi There, Is it possible to get a notification when a user logs in to the dashboard with an admin account please?
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    we re applied the certificate and the client was still having issues :(
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    we had the same issue and it was a pain... we moved the client back to cpanel for their email... It would work fine for ages then just come up with the mail certificate error.
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    alert for mailbox sending lots of emails in a short space of time

    We have migrated from cPanel to DA and wondered if there was an alert setup to email the admin when an email account sends a lot of emails (100) in a short space of time and puts the mailbox on hold? in cPanel we had these alerts and it helped identify compromised mailboxes easily
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    Hide the new master-login-bar

    One issue I noticed, when you click 'login as client' it doesn't take you to the client control panel. It just stays where you are an then you need to click Dashboard.... Would be better if it takes you to the dashboard for that client straight away after clicking login as client? kinda makes...
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    WordPress Toolkit in DirectAdmin

    would this help? InfiniteWP
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    Mail delivery log and trace

    any news on a mail log where we can see: Overall list of domains with emails coming in and out - click on domain to see more of the emails coming in and out?
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    WordPress Toolkit in DirectAdmin

    +1 sounds very reasonable as all we host is WordPress sites
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 has been released

    Thanks John! Really loving the new features, especially the user switch.
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    Reseller Backup Script

    Hi, Using a cPanel reseller account, we can use a script called WHM Backup. This script runs from your main cpanel account and automatically backs up all your reseller cpanel accounts via ssh/ftp to external storage on a set day / time. Is there a way to do...