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    Evolution skin link

    Where is the link to download the latest skin? Thanks
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    FBP Apache Stat Plugin

    FBP Apache Stat v1.0 Add real time Apache server statistics to your Directadmin Administrator and Reseller Control Panels. This is a FREE plugin, if you find it useful, please show your support by contributing to encourage the further development of new...
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    plugin can create user db but user mysql access denied

    Hello, I made a simple plugin that uses the da api to create a database with a button click at the user level. I then attempt to have it populate the database using php mysqli / mysql to access the database with the newly created db's credentials, however it fails either way stating the...
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    directadmin crashed - dead after installing a rapid ssl cert for server

    Purchased rapid ssl for server ie: server.domain.tld Followed this Sent csr to get signed cert. Received signed cert back and put it in /usr/local/directadmin/conf/cacert.pem Then copied the private.key contents generated from the first step and...
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    Wordpress site issues after upgrade to DA 1.45.2

    I have a handful of wordpress sites that run on autopilot, aggregating news / stories into specific categories. Since the upgrade to DA 1.45.2 all of the sites doing this have stopped adding the stories to the specified categories and only add stories to the default category in wordpress. I...
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    BUG? Skin edit not showing up for existing users

    I have copied and edited the enhanced skin then uploaded it as a new skin. show_bar("<b>|LANG_BANDWIDTH|</b><br>", "|USERBANDWIDTH|", "|USERBANDWIDTHMAX|", "bandwidth_bar"); show_bar("<b>|LANG_DISK_SPACE|</b><br>", "|USERQUOTA|", "|USERQUOTAMAX|", "quota_bar"); I added 5 more bars using the...