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    Weird apache hang (freebsd 6.1)

    Since a few days apache repeatedly hangs after every nightly tally. This has never happened before. No software configuration was changed. At least not that i know of. Ps shows: apache 8491 0.0 0.4 4624 4048 ?? S 9:08PM 0:01.53 /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -DSSL (perl5.8.8) I...
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    Dovecot 1.0rc10 is out

    Just received word that rc10 of dovecot was released. From the mailing list: Remember that since 1.0.rc9 release dovecot.index.cache files will get rebuilt in 64bit systems, and it's...
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    Dovecot 1.0rc9 is out

    Just received word that rc9 of dovecot was released. Look here for a what's new: How to install on FreeBSD:
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    Exim delivery problem

    All of a sudden i have a problem with exim not delivering inbound messages. FreeBSD 6.1. Exim 4-63. Downloaded the standard exim.conf and restarted exim to be sure my own modifications are not to blame. Also reinstalled Exim. No change. I send a mail and see this in my mainlog: 2006-08-17...
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    Upgrade OpenSSL (ports)

    Hi, What would be a good way to upgrade openssl on a FSBD 6.1 machine? I tried the following but got nowhere: 1. vi /etc/make.conf 2. cd /usr/ports/security/openssl 3. make install clean 4. cd /usr/local/directadmin/customapache 5. vi build 6. ./build update && ./build clean 7. ./build...
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    I have a problem setting a user's e-mail Catch All. I use the following code: I print_r'ed the $da_array and the contents are valid. I also printed the parameters the function receives, and they are valid too. Other api functions do work. I can set the catch all in directadmin itself. Any...
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    FreeBSD MySQL - how to install ports version

    I successfully installed the ports version of MySQL on a FreeBSD 6.1 box. I'd like to share with you how i've done it. Note: ------------------- Existing databases can often be preserved, but this depends on which version of mysql is installed. When you for example revert to 4.1 from 5.0, you...
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    JPG in plugin?

    Is it possible to include a graphic file (jpg, png) in a plugin in such a way that the plugin stays self contained? E.g. no files outside the .../user/my_plugin directory? Floris
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    DA update 1.26.2 breaks API?

    Since my update to 1.26.2 the API commands CMD_API_SHOW_DOMAINS and CMD_API_SUBDOMAINS and possible others do not work anymore. No errors, just empty results. Same script works fine on 1.26.1 and older versions. $da = new HTTPSocket; $da->connect("ssl://localhost", 2222)...
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    file_get_contents timeout

    I'm desperate here. I wrote a DA plugin which uses file_get_contents to read in a remote file (via sockets). On some servers this function doesn't work at all and timeouts after about a minute. On some other servers there's no problem. I tried to write my own file_get_contents() using fopen()...
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    Plugin + API password change

    I'm writing a plugin that among other things lists the domains a user owns. For this i make use of the API, with the user's username and the admin password. The problem is the ability for the admin to change the password. As the password is hardcoded in the plugin.html, it will definitely...
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    Portupgrade ProFTPD

    Problem after portupgrade ProFTPD Hi, Am using FreeBSD 5.4. Even though i put da_proftpd in PKG_HOLD (pkgtools.conf) portupgrade upgraded ProFTPD from 1.2.10 to 1.3.0.r2_3. DA still uses 1.2.10, but the deamon won't automatically start anymore. It does start when i go to Admin level->Show...