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    Cron job runs but has no effect

    Why do you have sudo in the command? And you may need to have the full path to mysqldump in the command.
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    Admin user cron jobs?

    I've been using DirectAdmin for 15 years and that situation has always existed in Enhanced skin. I just added and moved on. I never thought of it as a problem. It was just a little weird to come here and see this whole thread about it.
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    Admin user cron jobs?

    I still don't understand the problem. Just add a fake domain and then you have access to cronjobs.
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    Lost connection with Directadmin

    You don't know how to check the firewall?
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    Any alternative SSL for Directadmin beside Letsencrypt?

    Since Let's Encrypt is backed by some very big names it ain't going away any time soon.
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    IP got blacklisted

    If you are not the administrator of the server then you need to ask the administrator to do it. They will most certainly know about the blacklist file. But of course you only get what you pay for.
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    Moving accounts from a Disk to a new Server. (Without admin panel access)

    I found this in the help section.
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    Moving accounts from a Disk to a new Server. (Without admin panel access)

    This relies on DirectAdmin running and crond running. If for some reason its not running then this will not work. You will need to figure how to adapt it to your needs. This has all of the backup options. The "select%30=admin" denotes the username you want to backup in this case "admin" echo...
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    Lilocked Lilu Ransomware

    I noticed it because files in /var/named were encrypted. I have been using DirectAdmin since 2005 so I know how to update. I wanted to know if anybody knew any more about it than what I have been able to find so far namely updating exim. Is exim really the problem? Yes I know "Keep everything...
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    Create new account using like a subdomain?

    It would be a lot more helpful if you gave us the subdomain. If you give us fake information the expect fake answers. You can create a new user with a subdomain but likely you have to manually create a dns record under the main domain.
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    Lilocked Lilu Ransomware

    I was checking a server today and found a bunch of files with the extension .lilocked. I found out its a result of ransomware called Lilu and it seems to attack older versions of exim. Fortunately for me this was basically an abandoned server so no real damage was done. But it was a wake up call...
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    my httpd is shutting down continously please help

    I had this happen once before and never did figure it out. I ended up rebooting the machine and that fixed it. You might try that.
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    Do DirectAdmin sales or support ever reply

    I just want to say that I have been using DirectAdmin for many years (15). I don't think I have ever contacted support for anything. Everything is on the forum or help files. I don't know what else you need. Take a look at my registration date and post count.
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    Issue to restore account from cpanel because user too long

    But that won't help with databases based on the username.
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    Issue to restore account from cpanel because user too long

    Google is your friend.