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    [PREVIEW] TrackCP

    Hello, I'm currently coding a billing system usable with DirectAdmin. There is more information at: Screenshots will be released with TrackCP. Best Regards!
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    Best Service Monitor

    Hello, When services crash, the server can be down a lot of time... So i've a suggestion, a best Service Monitor: - Possibility to configure the time of DA checks the service status. - Enable/Disable automatic restart attempts. - Server monitoring network with other DirectAdmin servers with...
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    Problems in installation

    In installation I've found little bugs: For RedHat 9 in install there are displayed services9.tar.gz but its services90.tar.gz When i try to install php with the DA Script, i've a problem with Curl, when it compile the last version, the installation never finish (bucle). So I've change the...
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    Skin Programming in another languages

    Hello, i think it's a good idea to create DA Forums in another Languages. And port DirectAdmin to another languages. If you need me for this PM me :P
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    VPS Licences

    Hello, i've a question. Have you vps licences (A solution comparable to Regards
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    Change ip of the licence

    Hello, with a licence of directadmin can i change ip of the licence. Or another solution to change my directadmin to another server. Regards