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    Nginx reverse proxy fails after update

    Thanks for the fast reply. I'll wait for 1.60.1 before trying to run Nginx reverse proxy again.
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    Nginx reverse proxy fails after update

    Nginx fails to start after it updated to version 1.17.8. Directadmin updated to version 1.60.0 at the same time. Maybe the problem is related? When starting Nginx it fails instantly. This is the log. And indeed, the file "/usr/local/directadmin/data/users/apache/nginx_php.conf" does not exist...
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    Bruteforce notifications stopped working

    Does anyone have a clue why this happens? Fresh attacks keep coming and are not being blocked due to this problem. Check the Notified column, it says No to most attacks. I have no idea why some of the attacks are being notified and others are not. The problem seem to have started around 31...
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    Bruteforce notifications stopped working

    Good morning and a happy new year to all who's reading this. This morning I had a problem with a brute force attack on one of our servers. I checked the Brute Force Monitor and saw that the monitor stopped notifying. This means that my custom script is also not being run and the attacker won't...
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    Default php version setting

    I vote for this. This has been a pain for since I tried forcing new users to PHP 7 on a server with 5.6 as default. Changing the default php1_release would break many sites. Not changing it means that new users stick to the old version.
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    PHP segfault after upgrading today

    Same error here. Apache could not start because of this error. This has been working for months (at least). Why is this suddenly a problem? Does switching from mod_php to php-fpm break anything like file permissions or specific htaccess configurations? Do I have to rebuild PHP or rewrite_confs...
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    Enabling DKIM does not reload DNS records?

    I have turned on DKIM with this guide. After that I enabled DKIM for one domain. I can see that the x._domainkey DNS record is added in the DNS Administration but after waiting a long time the records was still not found with a DNS lookup. I then changed the TTL for all records through the DNS...
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    Multi Server Setup domain administration

    I think my question is a little bit unclear. See the screenshot below. This is the "Add New User" form. Is it possible to login on server A to create a new user on server B when they are connected by the mutli server setup?
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    Multi Server Setup domain administration

    I want to setup a second DirectAdmin server but the client does not like to login on 2 different servers to administer his domains. I have no experience with the Multi Server Setup so my question is: after the server are "linked" together, can I login to server A to create an account/domain on...
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    Brute Force Monitor unblocking IPv6 not working

    Blocking IPv6 addresses works just fine. But whenever I want to unblock a blocked IPv6 address I get the following error message: I have checked my custom script but it works like expected. I guess DirectAdmin itself tries and fails to validate the IPv6 address. Is this a bug...
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    Restore Backup from FTP

    I need to restore a backup from an FTP server (this FTP server has disabled secure FTP so transfers are in plaintext). The credentials are good and the "Secure FTP" option is set to "No". When I click the "Update files" button the file list contains 2 lines with numbers, but no file names...
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    Exim ipv6 localhost relay

    So I enabled IPv6 for Exim and I want to start sending email from PHPmailer through localhost. But Exim refuses to relay because the IPv6 localhost is not on the whitelist. The log says: 2018-07-11 11:59:08 H=localhost ( [::1] F=<> rejected RCPT...
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    False "suspended for bandwidth overusage" tickets

    Every first day of the month I get these messages saying a user has been suspended for bandwidth overusage. The message is false because it is the first day of the month! The limit has just been reset and the user is not suspended. Why do I get these messages?
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    Dovecot SSL not trusted/no SNI

    I have Let's Encrypt certificates installed on my DirectAdmin server. This was never any problem and everything worked fine. Since last tuesday my certificates renewed automatically and since that time Dovecot is giving problems. When I use a phone to read my e-mail through POP3 or IMAP it says...
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    Brute Force Monitor - Wordpress attacks on which domain

    My server is serving multiple domains. Some of these clients have Wordpress installed and therefor I have enabled the "Scan for WordPress attacks" option for all domains. This works great, no problems there. When I check the Brute Force Monitor options in the controlpanel I can see lines like...