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    Quality Dedicated Servers In Need

    I'm in search of anyone who can provide a quality ded at competitive prices that will allow IRC backgrounds on the server. Also if you have reselling options that would be great to. If you want to you can email me at bbryant(at)brycopc(dot)com :)
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    Complete Meltdown !!!!!!!!! HELP HELP

    I got home today to check my email only to learn that i couldnt check any of the email from one of my particular websites. But another email recieved was from directadmin saying that that account has crossed its bandwidth limit. i logged on to changes its available bandwidth. after changing...
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    Auto Settings Script

    Is there a way i can make it where certain users (depending on the package applied) can only have certain things, like I have shell packages and I dont want those customers ability to access and host from a public_html folder (keeping them from hosting sites unless they purchase that option) or...
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    DA Auto Logout

    Ok, I know how to use FAIL_URL and LOGOUT_URL but is there something that will work if someone times out for inactivity? This would be useful :)
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    blocking directadmin access

    is there a way to block certain users from accessing da? i want to create shell accounts using da to set them up and manage them but keep the user from accessing da as well as the public_html directory to block hosting access. if this is possible please help me out.
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    Auto User Creation

    Ok, here is the situation. I use paypal for users to buy my services. I have an IPN script that directs the user to a certain page based on if the payment meets specific requirements (or will be as soon as I can get it up). Is there a way I can use PHP maybe to store values on the paypal form...
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    Customized DA Skin

    I'm not very good at skinning DA, ive made a few attempts and failed miserably :\ for one I have no way to test my skins untill i publish them to my server. If i can supply the main images can someone out there make a DA skin that looks almost identical to my websites design...
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    How do i make Virtual Hosts for Eggdrop bots to use?
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    Creating Domains

    Does anyone know how i would go about creating a domain like with DirectAdmin? just by creating a user and setting that as its domain? or are you just limited to creating like ( being the shell server directadmin is administrating.
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    Customer Support Is Starting To Suck

    I have had two ongoing threads for help in two different locations for 3 days now and neither one of them have a response from anyone. You guys are helping other people but not me someone please look at my threads and help me fix this problem, I'd hate to know I was paying for something I cant...
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    DNS Errors maybe

    I have the shell set up on the server i admin on ( using directadmin. the shell is running an ircd and websites but sometimes neither are available. its like it just dissappears. the ircd stays connected to the other ircds running in the network but all its...
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    FTP & Socket Errors

    I am using directadmin to manage my QuickNoc Server ( all ftp access has suddenly stopped working (errors include "timouts" "no server available" "invalid hostname", etc). I have verified that the hosts file is right (with the info you provided in another post) and it still...
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    Error: User is not of that type

    What Does This Mean? Cannot Execute Command ----------------------------------- Details The user is not of that type