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    Keep CloudLinux PHP Selector config

    Currently, if backing up then restoring from a CL server to another, the new account will take default settings of PHP Selector in the new server. I just needed to restore 20+ accounts using PHP 5.6 and needed to change from default 7.3 to 5.6 manually. If DA can keep that config too, it would...
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    keep user's data unified

    /* I am mentioning to the folder: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/username */ Currently, DA keeps 2 emails of each end-user account: - user email in user.conf - email receiving tickets in ticket.conf I can imagine that it's helpful in case that user wants to have another person receiving...
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    adding user's email to user_limit.txt template

    Currently, I see the template uses USERNAME token for adding username. I wonder if there is a token for user's email too? I would like to add that to the message too. Is that possible? Thanks.
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    internal domain via external filters

    Here is the thing: 1. When sends an email to, Exim processes right away, as it's an internal email between accounts in 2. When sends an email to, Exim sends it to an external spam filters, then going out. I already configured...
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    Unknown setting: ssl_dh

    Dovecot cannot start because of that error: dovecot: doveconf: Fatal: Error in configuration file /etc/dovecot/conf/ssl.conf line 3: Unknown setting: ssl_dh I tried ./build update ./build dovecot ./build dovecot_conf Even rebuilt exim and exim_conf, but no luck. Any idea, please? Thanks.
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    SSL for webmail, phpmyadmin

    I followed this guide Checked time / date of /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt, it looks like correct, but Chrome is still warning about SSL when accessing for example. Is there any extra step that I need to do? Thanks.
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    delayed local delivery

    So, I am sending an email to another email address with the same domain (local delivery), and an email with external domain. The email to external domain arrived immediately. But the local address is delayed 30 - 60 minutes. No error in exim log. Exim, exim.conf, Dovecot are the latest version...
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    custombuild cron is not executing

    I have 2 servers which have CB cron stucks. The cron is running, calling to the script, but then not executing after this: root 21387 0.0 0.0 105964 544 ? SN Jul11 0:00 awk -v progname=/etc/cron.daily/custombuild progname {????? print progname ":\n"????? progname=""...
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    incoming messages and spam folder

    So, I don't run SpamAssassin, Easy spam fighter on this server, because I have external commercial antispam filters already. However, some incoming messages only appear in Spam folder, not Inbox. Why so? I thought SA would do it, but I don't have SA on the server. What moved those messages to...
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    big size in digest of majodomo

    Even I tried to purge archives in Mailing list in DA, there are still big folders in /etc/virtual/customer-domain-here/majordomo with lot of subfolders. I wonder if I can manually delete subfolders there?
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    disk usage and email receiving

    In one server, when an user is using more than its disk space limitation, email users in that domain cannot receive more. However, in another server, users can use more than their disk space limitation, but can keep receiving emails without any trouble. Do I miss setting somewhere in the second...
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    different auth-worker log

    On the same server, the same user, but in /var/log/maillog, I have 2 different types of log: One is Another one is Another one is So, the questions are: 1. If I understand correctly, is showing that that user accesses email from webmail? While in the third example,
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    move the srs_router above the virtual_aliases router

    Is this possible to do this by default? So, I don't need to adjust exim.conf whenever exim updated? Thanks.
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    Error: lmtp-server: Connection lost during data transfer

    For one account (among 300+ other accounts on the same server), I have this error when there is an email sent to that account. Jan 22 12:11:13 lmtp(18243): Error: lmtp-server: conn unix:pid=19550,uid=8 [1]: Connection lost during data transfer: read(unix:pid=19550,uid=8 [1]) failed: <no error>...
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    webapps with SSL

    Any setting redirect http://server-name/webmail to https://server-name/webmail, for example? I would like to have that for all webapps, webmail, phpmyadmin... So, if there is a "global" setting, it would be great, without using .htaccess in each webapp. Thanks.