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    mail with plus sign in local part (and forwarding)

    It seems mail for is not delivered to How can we set the system to accept the localpart in emailaddressses? Also, when forwarding -> How could / should that be handled for ?
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    Httpd.conf Customization putting stuff in the right place

    Hello, I'm trying to put some mod_rewrite rules in the custom httpd conf for a particular domain, rather than in htaccess. How do i make sure it goes in the right section of the conf file? I'm trying to insert: RewriteMap lc int:tolower RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} [A-Z] RewriteRule (.*)...
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    When are messages bounced, and when not?

    Hello Directadmin, I have the following issue. If i use squirrelmail to send a message to a non-existent user/address of one of the hosted domains (, then i get a nice "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" reply/bounce. However if i send a mail to the same...
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    MacEnhanced skin

    Based on the Skins Tutorial from: Just basic. Only changed the images for icons, navigation and sections. Screenshot and file attached. Have fun... Released under Creative Commons Share Alike license update: 2013-12-03 versionDA1441 (for DirectAdmin...
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    DNS reset defaults doesn't mention "Reset Defaults" or where the defaults are stored or set. I would like to change the default DNS settings that are set by DirectAdmin when creating or adding a new domain.