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    Can't install PHP 7.4

    I pressed 'Update CustomBuild Script & Versions (only)' for once instead of 'Update CustomBuild' and that did the trick. It works now. Thanks for the help once again!
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    Can't install PHP 7.4

    I have rev 2299. It doesn't seem like there are any updates pending.
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    Can't install PHP 7.4

    I want to install the new PHP 7.4 through the CustomBuild 2.0 plugin on our DirectAdmin server but when I try to build it, it stops the build at the following lines: [ 85%] Linking C shared library [ 85%] Built target zip make: *** [all] Error 2 I saw that PHP 7.4 changed its...
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    How do you properly edit the 'Apache is functioning normally' message

    I want to redirect to our website instead of the server showing 'Apache is functioning normally'. But the files I edit in /var/www/html keep getting overwritten whenever I update DirectAdmin. Is there a way to remove the index.html permanently from /var/www/html and replace it with index.php?
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    Installing LetsEncrypt certificates only on subdomains

    I have installed a paid certificate on and but I want to install a LetsEncrypt certificate on while keeping the already existing paid certificate. When I try to install a LetsEncrypt certificate on it overwrites the already existing paid...