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    proc directory left in previously chroot'd bind

    I've come across a box which had a chroot bind update that fubared a few things. I managed to revert it back and named is running correctly now. However, when checking through the named directory I came across a proc directory (/var/named/chroot/proc). From some searches, it appears this was...
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    [HOWTO] Get PDO and PDO_MYSQL working in PHP 5.2.5

    I just recently had to do this so I thought I might as well share. There are a few threads already with some info, but it's not entirely complete in my opinion. Let's get started. 1) First off, issue this command to check your pear/pecl config: pecl config-show This will show you your...
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    Apache 2.2.8 | 2.0.63 | 1.3.41 Released

    Apache 2.2.8 announcement Apache 2.0.63 announcement Apache 1.3.41 announcement
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    Sun buys MySQL
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    Not able to send to

    All of a sudden, all my boxes are now unable to send to addresses. Everywhere is fine. I am getting this error: After much googling, it sounds like this isn't an isolated incident. I've tried the numerous ident timeout fixes, but still nothing. Anyone else on here experience this...
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    Fending off attacks?

    I've been blocking IPs left and right, trying not to set a /8 on an entire A class. But the attacks on trying to get into the email server just aren't stopping: 2006-07-17 14:04:02 H=(xx.xx.xx.xx) [] F=<> rejected RCPT <>...
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    Anyone else getting hit by spammers?

    I'm seeing a ton of these requests in my exim log: 2006-06-13 12:50:44 [] F=<> rejected RCPT <>: authentication required 2006-06-13 12:50:46 []...