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    Webmail on subdomain with Let's Encrypt SSL

    Ok, so after removing the extra COLOR etc scrap the forum software yielded, I was able to create the certificate successfully. The https::// works as intended. However, the https redirect does not work ( only reports "too many redirects"). So the this...
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    Webmail on subdomain with Let's Encrypt SSL

    Thanks, I'll try these. And to be clear, these COLOR codes should not be added either? And if not, why is there such added in the code snippet? Code: letsencrypt_list=www:mail:ftp:pop:smtp:webmail If you want to apply it by default, add the following line to the directadmin.conf to: Code...
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    Webmail on subdomain with Let's Encrypt SSL

    Thanks for replying! I tried that, but there's no Webmail entry available. Also, the config made all my websites to go down. So I did as posted in the original post - the tutorial at and the rest I followed step-by-step. After getting fails (Debug...
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    nginx + varnish + apache + SSL ( working fine )

    Could you elaborate little bit more?
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    Webmail on subdomain with Let's Encrypt SSL

    The guide based on worked and wanted subdomain ssl. However following this guide step-by-step, I was unable to get it working. I'm getting: "Debug mode. Level 10 dataskq: command: action=rewrite&value=httpd" No webmail selection available in Let's...
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    Let's Encrypt SSL Issue

    Did not work for me. Isn't there a way to completely wipe the Let's encrypt support and bring it back with build command? Finding missing files based on complete script is just pain. Also, as I'm at this stage, missing the .key file by following 2-3 years old howto's, I'd like DA's support team...