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    How to change apache port

    How can we change apache port in directadmin ?
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    Nginx Issue

    i just installed nginx on my directadmin using this guide but now its showing Nginx is functioning normally on all my websites hosted on that server, Where is the old data I tried to open a website through IP then its working perfect but if i...
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    PROFTPD with CSF

    I am getting brute force attacked on proftpd anyway to prevent this brute force attack using csf, i have checked in permanant ban in csf but ip is not listed there smtp is secured by this but i want to prevent the brute force attack on proftpd
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    How to Install LFD only not csf

    Hello, Anyone will please tell me the command so i can LFD only on my directadmin
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    Accidentally Uninstall Cronie

    Hello, I am using directadmin on my server. But today i acidentally uninstall the crond from my server. Then i use to type this command yum install cronie to install crond back. I add some cronjobs its not working THe problems i am facing after the uninstallation of cronie Bandwidth not updating...
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    Directadmin giving error after ioncube installation

    Hello, I just manually installed ioncube loader 5.3 x86 on my VPS. I am using directadmin on my VPS. After ioncube installation i am facing an error One more thing the domain which i add in my DA. Showing Apache is functioning normally . Please tell me what to do ? to fix this error