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    Preventing database creation from phpMyAdmin

    Hi, I noticed that any user created through DA can create a database from phpMyAdmin. How can I prevent this? Don't get me wrong, I still want to allow them to create databases through DA as it will set a database name using "useraccount_database" but if they create a database from phpMyAdmin...
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    Getting a list of forwaded email addresses?

    Hi, I would like to know if there's a place where I could get all forwarded email addresses for all accounts? The reason is that I need to get all email accounts that are forwarded to solve some spam issues. Is it possible? Thank you!
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    Copying a reseller's use packaqes to another reseller account?

    Is there a way to copy all a reseller's user packages to another reseller's account? Thank you, Stéphane Brault
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    Spamassassin to use RBL?

    Hi, Is there a way to configure Spamassassin to use remote blacklists such as SPAMCOP? We receive a lot of spam from I-don't-know-what's-that-country with a lot of unreadable characters: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Unable to add / delete cron jobs

    Hi, We cannot create nor delete any cron jobs. I know we can't delete any cron jobs (even though we can't create any) because there are some accounts which have been transfered from another DirectAdmin server that already had some cron jobs. So there are some existing cron jobs that came from...
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    'Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded' when uploading backup in phpMyAdmin

    I've tried to upload a MySQL backup (.sql.gz format, 450kb) through phpMyAdmin. I've tried both phpMyAdmin provided with DA as well as another copy I've installed myself. I keep getting the error message "Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded". I don't know why the maximum execution...
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    How to prevent DA from allowing shell access?

    Hi, I am pretty new to DA but am I an intermediate Linux admin. I'd like to know there is a way to prevent DA from giving a shell to all new users created? I don't want anybody to have SSH access except admins. By default, DA sets "/bin/bash" as the shell for newly created users. I would...